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Grey Group is a global advertising and marketing agency, whose slogan is providing "Famously Effective" solutions - with headquarters in New York City, and 432 offices in 96 countries, operating in 154 cities - organized into four geographical units: North America; Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

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Top Ultra: "Care Of Your Clothes" by Grey
Top Ultra Print ads

Top Ultra: "Care Of Your Clothes" by Grey

Other products kill your clothes before killing stains. Advertising Agency: GREY, Bogotá, Colombia...see more →

Hong Kong Tourism Board TV & Film ads

Hong Kong Tourism Board: "Good Fortune Everywhere" by Grey

Chinese New Year is one of Hong Kong’s biggest festivals, and everywhere you look, you will see...see more →

Febreze TV & Film ads

Febreze - The Only Man Whose Bleep Don't Stink

Dave is the only man in the world whose bleep don't stink. He's not coming to your Super Bowl party...see more →

Hyundai- anteater dog & polar cow
Hyundai Print ads

Hyundai- anteater dog & polar cow

Don’t let them fool you, original is always better. anteater dog. m.  Animal of the suborder of...see more →

Gillette Online ads

This Father’s Day, Go Ask Dad | Gillette

94% of teenagers ask the Internet for advice before their dads. On Father’s Day we wanted to change...see more →

Lenor: it's more than laundry
Lenor Print ads

Lenor: it's more than laundry

Advertising Agency: Grey Germany, Dusseldorf, Germany Chief Creative Officer:...see more →

IKEA Ambient ads

IKEA: Kallax real time

Advertising Agency: Grey, Warsaw, Poland Creative Director: Jakub Korolczuk Creatives: Paweł...see more →

Proya Sunblock
Proya Print ads

Proya Sunblock: Total protection for skin

Advertising Agency: Grey, Beijing, China Executive Creative Director:Alvin Lim / Creative Director:...see more →

Volvo Online ads

Volvo: The Greatest Interception Ever

On February 1st, during the big game, you’re going to see a lot of car commercials. But you won't...see more →

Volvo TV & Film ads

Volvo: Don't rush your ride

Advertising Agency: Grey Shanghai/ Grey London Production Company: RSA Films / Director: Henrik...see more →

DURACELL: Flashlight
Duracell Print ads

DURACELL: Flashlight

Advertising Agency: Grey Worldwide, Bangalore, India National Creative Director: ...see more →

Kuoni TV & Film ads

Kuoni Travel: Find Your Amazing

Advertising Agency: Grey, London, UK Creative Director / Copywriter / Art director...see more →

Suzuki S-Cross
Suzuki Print ads

Suzuki: Perfect for arriving at a five star hotel

"Perfect for arriving at a five star hotel. Or for sleeping under five thousand stars. Thought for...see more →

McVitie's TV & Film ads

McVitie's biscuit selection with milk, dark and white chocolate

It’s Christmas! Time for the chocolatey cheer of McVitie's Victoria. An indulgent...see more →

Kroger Radio ads

Kroger: Scooter & Poodle

Advertising Agency: Grey, Toronto, Canada Chief Creative Officer:Patrick Scissons / Copywriters:...see more →

Kroger Print ads

Kroger: One of then isn't welcome at Kroger

One of then isn't welcome at Kroger. Guess which one. Advertising Agency: Grey, Toronto, Canada...see more →

Gillette Online ads

Gillette Mach3: The Precision To Do Things

Advertising Agency: Grey Brasil, Brazil Creative Directors: Daniel Perez, Federico Russi Art...see more →

Heineken Print ads

Heineken: Face the consequences or drink responsibly.

Face the consequences or drink responsibly. Client: Heineken Advertising Agency:...see more →

Vodafone TV & Film ads

Vodafone Ireland - Office Romance

Advertising Agency: Grey, London, UK Creative Director: Simon Brotherson / Creative: Howard Green...see more →

Adidas TV & Film ads

Adidas: Wear It or Fear It.

Adidas is presenting the new Real Madrid C.F. kit to be worn in the UEFA Champions League in the...see more →