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Copywriters Club Nagoya ads
Copywriters Club Nagoya Direct Marketing ads

Copywriters Club Nagoya: Colorful sticky notes

Sticky Notes Annual BACKGROUND Japanese creators are considered to be diligent. They write notes...see more →

Once Again Online ads

Once Again: All started with a tag

"Once Again, a Bangalore-based NGO, collects items you don't use anymore, sells it at a minimal...see more →

Oreo print ads
Oreo Print ads

Oreo: In Vanilla

Client: Oreo Advertising Agency: Interface Communication, Mumbai, IndiaCreative Director: Robby...see more →

M&M ambient ads
M&M Ambient ads

M&M: Act now. Plant a tree!

One of the principal reasons for rising temperatures is Natural Resource Depletion. Fast-depleting...see more →

Anjali Knives ads
Anjali Direct Marketing ads

Anjali: Keeps innovating products

Anjali is a leading kitchenware brand in India. Determined to minimize the time and efforts put in...see more →

Samsung Online ads

Samsung: Run to Support Schools

In 2012 Samsung chose to help renovate schools for their charity; Hope for Children. As the gold...see more →

Seth Pathology Laboratory direct marketing ads
Seth Pathology Laboratory Direct Marketing ads

Seth Pathology Laboratory: A business card as an envelope

The Background: In India, the first case of the Swine Flu was detected in...see more →

Metro Shoe Laundry ambient ads
Metro Shoe Laundry Ambient ads

Metro Shoe Laundry: Keep them clean

When your shoes come home, they don't come alone. Keep them clean. Advertising Agency: Makani...see more →

Bekol ads
Bekol Print ads

Bekol: Works to make concerts

Many people in IsraelFind it hard to enjoy music.Bekol works to make concerts,Plays, films and...see more →

K2 ads
K2 Print ads

K2: The Wildest Walks

The Wildest Walks. Advertising Agency: HS Ad, Seoul, Republic of Korea Creative Directors: Bo...see more →

Pleats Please
Pleats Please Print ads

Pleats Please: Happy Anniversary

Advertising Agency: Taku Satoh Design, Japan Art Director: Taku Satoh / Designer: Shingo Noma /...see more →

Mode Marie ads
Mode Marie Print ads

Mode Marie: OMG Bra

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Taiwan Creative Director: Tom Huang / Executive Creative Director: Alex...see more →

Insecticides ads
Insecticides (India) Limited Print ads

Insecticides (India) Limited: Build Your Vegetable's Immunity

Build Your Vegetable's Immunity Advertising Agency: BEI Confluence, New Delhi, India Chief...see more →

Albert Dali Naming Consultants print
Albert Dali Naming Consultants Print ads

A good name is a conversation starter

Albert Dali. Because a good name is a conversation starter. Advertising Agency: Lucifer Labs,...see more →

E-mart Ambient ads

E-mart Sale Navigation project

VLC technology-based marketing promotion in a hypermarket for the first time in the world. A lot of...see more →

Ford Endeavour print ads
Ford Print ads

Ford Endeavour 4x4 language

The 4x4 language. Advertising Agency: JWT, Delhi, India Creative Directors: Bobby Pawar, Vijay...see more →

Graphology Experts ads
Graphology Experts Print ads

I did not fix it

"I was not there. / I did not fix it. / I didn't steal." Advertising Agency: Makani...see more →

Buddhists Cultural Center Ambient ads

Paapa Chakraya activation campaign

The Issue: Today a majority of people in society commit some form of sin. In other words,...see more →

Bank Constanta Online ads

I Am A Little Georgian

Advertising Agency: Leavingstone, Tbilisi, Georgia Creative Directors: Levan Lepsveridze,...see more →

Costa ads
Costa Print ads

Over a delicious muffin

Catch up at CostaOver the world's favourite coffee Advertising Agency: BEI...see more →