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Schoeffel ads
Schoeffel Print ads

Campaign with a View - Getaway Clothing

"In a temperature controlled conference room a meeting about "Workload Efficiency Management" is...see more →

Harvey Nichols ads
Harvey Nichols Outdoor ads

Love thyself

Love thyself Beauty Bazaar Harvey Nichols Three floors of beauty Not open • Liverpool one...see more →

Jeans ads
Killer Jeans Print ads

My Jeans Save 80% Water

"My Jeans Save 80% Water" Advertising Agency: Grey, Mumbai, India Executive Creative Directors:...see more →

Reebok TV & Film ads

Reebok: Girl Inspired”

Client: Reebok Classics Reebok and Alicia Keys have a new and exciting partnership and design...see more →

Blush Lingerie ads
Blush Print ads

Blush Berlin Lingerie - Invest in Love

Invest in Love Investment with high interest rates. Eurobonds: NO / Lovebonds: Yes Love makes the...see more →

Uniform Jeans ads
Uniform Print ads

Uniform Jeans

Pretty crazy ad, I like it. Summer. Shear Off. Advertising Agency: Plutón, Montevideo,...see more →

Benetton ads
Benetton Print ads

Unemployee of the Year

"7 of nearly 100 million people under 30 years of age in search of a job." Advertising Agency:...see more →

Blitz Firelighters ads
Blitz Firelighters Print ads

Blitz Firelighters fire fast

When you need fire fast Blitz Firelighters Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG, South Africa...see more →

Sapir College print ads
Mizuno Print ads

Mizuno: The species evolved again

The species evolved again. Mizuno Wave Creation 13. Advertising Agency: Talent Comunicação, São...see more →

Blush print ad
Blush Direct Marketing ads

Blush: Which cup size are you?

Which cup size are you? Advertising Agency: glow, Germany Chief Creative Officer: Johannes Krempl...see more →

Old Navy TV & Film ads

Old Navy: Jordan Knight sings

Client: Old Navy Advertising Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky, USA Worldwide Chief Creative Officer...see more →

Desigual Shoes Store ads
Desigual Print ads

Desigual: Desigual Winter Collection

Desigual Winter Collection Client: Desigual Shoes Store Advertising Agency: HWP, Costa Rica...see more →

Harvey Nichols ad
Harvey Nichols Outdoor ads

Harvey Nichols: Try to contain your excitement

The Harvey Nichols SaleTry to contain your excitement Advertising Agency: DDB, UK Executive...see more →

Levi's TV & Film ads

Levi's: Get 'talking' to the audience

Challenge: In a saturated jeans market place, Levi's needed to reclaim their iconic status by...see more →

Reebok print ads
Reebok Print ads

Reebok: Build up your style

Client: Reebok Sports Club Build up your style / Pump up your style / Tone up your style / Shape...see more →

PUMA ads
PUMA Print ads

PUMA Racing look

Racing will never look the same. Advertising Agency: PUMA Internal Creative Agency Art...see more →

Vanity Fair ads
Vanity Fair Print ads

Vanity Fair - Modern Coverage collection

"Introducing the Vanity Fair® Modern Coverage collection, with a lower sweetheart...see more →

Agent Provocateur TV & Film ads

Agent Provocateur

Advertising Agency: The Pencil Agency, UK see more →

Diesel Jeans ads
Diesel Outdoor ads

Diesel Jeans - Be stupid

"Be stupid, You'll create more" "Be stupid, Sin. Confess. Sin again." "Be stupid, It takes two to...see more →

Harvey Nichols ads
Harvey Nichols Print ads

Harvey Nichols Spring/Summer 2012

Advertising Agency: Y&R Dubai, UAE Director: Dimitri Daniloff / Executive...see more →