Brazil Ads

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Ford: Don't like and drive
Ford Online ads

Ford: Don't like and drive

Advertising Agency: Blue Hive Brasil / Team Detroit Global Creative Director: Toby...see more →

Rio Design
Rio Design Print ads

Rio Design: Lego has a new home

Lego has a new home. Rio Design Mall, the address of the first Lego Store in town. Advertising...see more →

Forbes: Money is good
Forbes Print ads

Forbes: Money is good

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Sao Pulo, Brazil see more →

Volkswagen Delivery Trucks
Volkswagen Print ads

Volkswagen Delivery Trucks: The right size for your needs.

The right size for your needs. Advertising Agency: almapBBDO, Brazil Partner/Co-President of the...see more →

Condor Hair Brushes
Condor Hair Brushes Print ads

Condor Hair Brushes: CONTROL YOUR HAIR.

CONTROL YOUR HAIR. Advertising Agency: Opusmultipla, Curitiba, Brazil Chief Creative Officer:...see more →

AnimaiZ Print ads

AnimaiZ: A long and healthy life for your dog

A long and healthy life for your dog. Advertising Agency: TIF Comunicação, Curitiba, Brazil...see more →

Poliseng print ads
Poliseng Print ads

Poliseng: Don't let cholesterol fool you.

Don't let cholesterol fool you. Advertising Agency: Artplan, Brasilia, Brazil Creative Directors:...see more →

Vivo Online ads

Vivo Online Top-Up

Vivo telephone operator launched a campaign to promote the Vivo Online Top-Up...see more →

Sicredi Print ads

Sicredi: Our credit you already have now you just need

"Our credit you already have now you just need your license examiner's approval. Our credit you...see more →

Record Pocket Books
Record Pocket Books Print ads

Record Pocket Books: small Objects

Advertising Agency: Giacometti, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Creative Director:Joao Santos / Art Director...see more →

Volkswagen ads
Volkswagen Print ads

Volkswagen: Your car is worth a lot more if you use only original parts.

Your car is worth a lot more if you use only original parts. Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, São...see more →

TAM Airlines Ambient ads

TAM Airlines: Family Safety Instructions

TAM Airlines’ flights in Brazil - from Recife to São Paulo on December 24 (at 10:...see more →

Mr. Sun print ads
Mr. Sun Print ads

Mr. Sun: Protect your skin

Daylight is also dangerous. Protect your skin. Advertising Agency: Boom Total - Boom...see more →

Salvation Army
Salvation Army Direct Marketing ads

Salvation Army: Boarding the Heat

Some people run away from the cold, but the cold doesn't run away from their country. They can...see more →

Telhanorte Direct Marketing ads

Telhanorte: The Concreted Magazine

Telhanorte’s action encases decoration magazines inside a block of construction...see more →

Levi's print ads
Levi's Print ads

Levi's: Original is always better.

Original is always better. Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School/ESPM, Sao Paulo,...see more →

Bic print ads
BIC Print ads

BIC: just a sketch

"At first, all brands, all the plans is just a sketch. Bic is in that moments." Advertising...see more →

Mizuno TV & Film ads

Mizuno: invisible athletes

Garbage collectors are true marathon runners of everyday life. They can run roughly 20 kilometers...see more →

Wizard São Luís English School
Wizard São Luís English School Print ads

Wizard São Luís English School: Easy peasy

Easy peasy. Advertising Agency: Sniper, São Luís, Brazil Creative Director / Art Director /...see more →

Smart print ads
Smart Print ads

Smart: zip

Advertising Agency: Slogan Propaganda, Fortaleza, Brazil Creative Director:Sergio...see more →