France Ads

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Exsens print
Exsens Print ads

Exsens: Bottoms up!

Advertising Agency: SwimmingPool, Nantes, France Art Directors: Maxime Dutertre, Erwan le Mevel...see more →

Zepros Print ads

Zepros - Trade news to benefit everyone

Trade news to benefit everyone. Advertising Agency: Havas360, France Creative Director:...see more →

Peugeot TV & Film ads

Peugeot: The Legend returns!

The Legend returns! 30 years after the 205 GTi, Peugeot reinterprets the Legend by launching the...see more →

Orange Online ads

Orange: tomorrow's innovations

Birthdays often represent the opportunity to roll back the clock and evaluate the path taken. For...see more →

Florette ads
Florette Print ads

Florette: Freshness and imagination.

Freshness and imagination. Advertising Agency: Havas 360, Paris, France Executive Creative...see more →

Nestle Online ads

Nestlé FITNESS Bra Cam

At Nestlé FITNESS, we're committed to raising breast cancer awareness with our Pink Ribbon...see more →

Renault Twingo
Renault Print ads

New Renault Twingo Go anywhere, Go everywhere

Go anywhere, Go everywhere Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris, France Chief Creative...see more →

Coca-Cola Outdoor ads

Diet Coke Presents: The Slender Vender

Diet Coke fits beautifully into one's lifestyle -- and so does its Slender Vender: The thinnest...see more →

Intermarché print ads
Intermarché Print ads

Intermarché: a glorious fight against food waste

Intermarché's inglorious fruits and vegetables: a glorious fight against food waste. ...see more →

Disneyland TV & Film ads

Bad Boys at Disneyland Paris

Who said that Disneyland was only for kids?  Discover what happens when 5 bad guys land in...see more →

Nestle TV & Film ads

Nestlé Extreme Ice Cream: Til the end

Advertising Agency: JWT, Paris, France Production Company: Gang Films Director: Sebastien Grousset see more →

McDonald's ads
McDonald's Outdoor ads

McDonald's: Signs

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Paris, France Creative Director:Jean-Francois Goize / ...see more →

Lexus print ads
Lexus Print ads

Lexus: Testosterone

Client: Lexus Advertising Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi+duke, Paris, France Creative Director: ...see more →

WWF print ads
WWF Print ads

WWF: protect feline species

"The Caspian Tiger has disappeared, protect feline species. The Cougar has disappeared, protect...see more →

Toyota print ads
Toyota Print ads

Toyota GT86 200 Horsepower

Advertising Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi+duke, Paris, France Creative Director: Frédéric Temin / Art...see more →

Lehning shampoo ads
Lehning Print ads

Lehning: The most natural shampoo

The most natural shampoo. Advertising Agency: Havas 360, Paris, France Chief Executive Officer:...see more →

Campanile print ads
Campanile Print ads

Campanile: Rediscover the pleasure of sleeping

New design. New comfort. It changes the way you stay. Rediscover the pleasure of sleeping....see more →

Orange TV & Film ads

Orange: The Flower

'The Flower' is the new Pan-African campaign for Valentine's Day. The film tells the story of a...see more →

Lego Print ads

Lego: Creativity forgives everything

Creativity forgives everything. Advertising Agency: Grey, Paris, France Creative Directors:...see more →

LensCrafters TV & Film ads

LensCrafters: high-quality vision care

This year, LensCrafters decided to take a stand for high-quality vision care. This...see more →