South Africa Ads

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Nintendo ads
Nintendo Outdoor ads

Nintendo: Wii Sports

Wii SportsNever play alone again. Advertising Agency: Y&R Johannesburg, South Africa Chief...see more →

Chicken Licken TV & Film ads

Chicken Licken: Hotwings are so unbelievably morish

Hotwings from Chicken Licken are so unbelievably morish, when the craving's got...see more →

Sunlight Dishwashing liquid
Sunlight Print ads

Sunlight: Expect more dishes this holiday

Expect more dishes this holiday.Sunlight, a little goes a long way. Advertising Agency: Lowe Bull...see more →

Sunlight Anti-bacterial Dishwashing Liquid
Sunlight Print ads

Sunlight: Sometimes bad things happen

"Sometimes bad things happen to chopsticks." "Sometimes bad things happen to good lunch boxes." "...see more →