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GEICO TV & Film ads

GEICO - Manatee Shirts

A family visiting the aquarium learns that manatees have the best fashion sense of all mammals....see more →

Toyota TV & Film ads

Toyota - Quartet & Where Is My Mind?

Advertising Agency: 22squared, Atlanta, USA Executive Creative Director: Kevin Botfeld Creative...see more →

Skittles TV & Film ads

David Schwimmer in Skittles Super Bowl Ads

1. David Schwimmer feels like a tiny third wheel in this possible scene from the Skittles Super...see more →

Make-A-Wish Print ads

Make-A-Wish -- Sometimes the best medicine of all is called hope.

Sometimes the best medicine of all is called hope. Advertising Agency: gyro, Chicago, USA...see more →

Febreze TV & Film ads

Febreze - The Only Man Whose Bleep Don't Stink

Dave is the only man in the world whose bleep don't stink. He's not coming to your Super Bowl party...see more →

NEON - Health Scares Fear Us
NEON Print ads

NEON - Health Scares Fear Us

Health Scares Fear Us Advertising Agency: NEON, New York, USA Creative Director: Kevin McHale Art...see more →

City of Los Angeles is now hiring Graphics Designer
City of Los Angeles Online ads

City of Los Angeles is now hiring Graphics Designer-goes viral

Graphics Designer job ad goes viral. A humorous but sensational job advertisement by the city of...see more →

Suja TV & Film ads

Suja Organic: Drink Plants, Take Their Power

Do you love plants? Because if you don't, we promise after watching this video you will. We love '...see more →

Burger King Online ads

Burger King: Rest in Peace

We gather today to pay tribute to flat top cooking.   Introducing the new deliciously meaty, cheesy...see more →

Lexus TV & Film ads

The all-new Lexus RX 350L

Meet the newest member of the Lexus family—the all-new Lexus RX 350L. It...see more →

Cat Footwear
Cat Footwear Outdoor ads

Cat Footwear - Go Ahead

We both have the same grandpa Born From Bulldozers. Our Family Tree > Their Family Tree Like a...see more →

GEICO TV & Film ads

He-Man vs. Skeletor - GEICO

He-Man foils Skeletor's plan to conquer Castle Grayskull but a distraction enables Skeletor to...see more →

Nutro TV & Film ads


The NUTRO brand, a pioneer in natural pet food, has relaunched its brand with a new pet food...see more →

Mercedes TV & Film ads

Mercedes: Snow Date

Advertising Agency: Merkley + Partners, New York, USA Chief Creative Officer / Chairman: Andy...see more →

Pet Supplies Plus TV & Film ads

Pet Supplies Plus - Minus the hassle

Pet Supplies Plus stores have a smaller footprint than most pet supply chains. They do that...see more →

Walmart TV & Film ads

Walmart: More American Jobs

Walmart is taking action and creating opportunity by investing in American jobs. Our $250 billion...see more →

Fiat TV & Film ads

Fiat: FIAT 500X

The 2016 FIAT 500X Crossover, with available all-wheel-drive and Dynamic Selector Traction Control...see more →

GMC TV & Film ads

GMC Acadia: The Next Generation of SUV has Arrived

Confidence. Exactness. Inspiration. The all-new 2017 GMC Acadia is in tune with that degree of...see more →

PETA: Adopt a companion
PETA Print ads

PETA: Adopt a companion

Don’t buy a trophy from a breeder. Adopt a companion. Advertising Agency: Y&R...see more →

Gillette Online ads

This Father’s Day, Go Ask Dad | Gillette

94% of teenagers ask the Internet for advice before their dads. On Father’s Day we wanted to change...see more →