Direct Marketing

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Vodafone ads
Vodafone Direct Marketing ads

Vodafone: Your number just got sweeter

Your number just got sweeter. Advertising Agency: OgilvyOne Mumbai, India Creative Director:...see more →

Skol Beer
Skol Direct Marketing ads

Skol: limited edition design kit

Skol Beer has released a new line of aluminum beer bottles and each bottle comes with its own...see more →

Vodafone ads
Vodafone Direct Marketing ads

Vodafone: Fakka - Egyptian for small change

Advertising Agency: JWT, Cairo, Egypt Chief Creative Officer: Ramsey Naja / Creative Directors:...see more →

Coca-Cola Direct Marketing ads

Coca-Cola: Bringing India & Pakistan Together

In March 2013, Coca-Cola set out to break down barriers and create a simple moment of connection...see more →

Kit Kat ads
Kit Kat Direct Marketing ads

Kit Kat: The Pillow Book

Advertising Agency: JWT, Sao Paulo, Brazil CCO: Ricardo John / Art Director: Brunno Cortez /...see more →

Marionnaud ad
Marionnaud Direct Marketing ads

Marionnaud: The only memory game without pictures

Fragrance Pairs. The only memory game without pictures. Advertising Agency: Wirz/BBDO, Zurich,...see more →

Mabe Direct Marketing ads

Mabe: Toy Box

Advertising Agency: Maruri Grey, Ecuador Chief Creative Officer: Daniel Pérez Pallares / Creative...see more →

Cadbury Direct Marketing ads

Cadbury: words are virtually meaningless

In a time where social media has rendered words virtually meaningless, Cadbury Dairy Milk gives...see more →

Corona print ads
Corona Direct Marketing ads

Corona: 365 reasons to have a Corona

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Singapore Creative Directors: Gary Steele, Hagan de Villiers / Art...see more →

samsung ads
Samsung Direct Marketing ads

Samsung: Think you can only get sparkling water at the store?

"Think you can only get sparkling water at the store? Allow us to burst your bubble." Advertising...see more →

Yogoberry ads
Yogoberry Direct Marketing ads

Yogoberry - separate feminine and masculine silhouettes

We created a poster-display where real cups form ‘six-pack abs’ in separate feminine and masculine...see more →

Johnson & Johnson Direct Marketing ads

Johnson & Johnson: Submarine

Product: Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo Advertising Agency: The Marketing Store, São Paulo,...see more →

Discovery Channel Direct Marketing ads

Discovery Channel - Discovery Button

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Brazil Creative Directors: Hugo Rodrigues, Alessandro Cassulino / Art...see more →

Gold's Gym ads
Gold's Gym Direct Marketing ads

Gold's Gym: Healthy Note

Client: Gold's Gym Advertising School: Miami Ad School, São Paulo, Brazil Creative Director: Paulo...see more →

Shell Direct Marketing ads


Advertising Agency: The Marketing Store, Sao Paulo, Brazil Creative Directors: Alexandre SIlva,...see more →

Smart ads
Smart Direct Marketing ads

Smart: It can park anywhere

The brief: Smart wanted to do a tactical action for their main target, who live in city centres....see more →

Greenpeace ads
Greenpeace Direct Marketing ads

Greenpeace: John West Tuna cans

"The problem: John West Australia sells 97 million cans of tuna every year, but because of their...see more →

Volkswagen ads
Volkswagen Direct Marketing ads

Volkswagen: the legend GTI lives

In Germany, the Volkswagen Golf GTI is like a religion for its supporters. On the occasion of its...see more →

Pure Canadian Gaming ads
Pure Canadian Gaming Direct Marketing ads

Pure Canadian Gaming: Fun and Games

Client: Pure Canadian Gaming Advertising Agency: ThinkTank, Edmonton, Canada Creative Director:...see more →

Copywriters Club Nagoya ads
Copywriters Club Nagoya Direct Marketing ads

Copywriters Club Nagoya: Colorful sticky notes

Sticky Notes Annual BACKGROUND Japanese creators are considered to be diligent. They write notes...see more →