Education Ads

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Lernia ad
Lernia Outdoor ads

Lernia: Get a Job

Advertising Agency: Garbergs, Sweden Creative Director: Petter Ödéen / Art Director: Sebastian...see more →

University of Gent ad
University of Gent Print ads

University of Gent: Dare to think

Dare to think Advertising Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi, Brussels, Belgium Creative Directors: Jan...see more →

IBMR University ads
IBMR Print ads

IBMR: Without knowledge you're just nobody

I wonder if it’s going to rain. / What a hot day, huh? / Do you come here often?Without knowledge...see more →

Indian Springs School
Indian Springs School Print ads

Indian Springs School: Now in Hyderabad

Indian Springs School is Now in Hyderabad Advertising Agency: FMC Advertising, Hyderabad, India...see more →

IKFI Print ads

IKFI: Classes begin Nov 15

IKFI, Classes begin Nov 15. For details log on to Advertising Agency: McCann...see more →

Red Balloon print ad
Red Balloon Print ads

Red Balloon: It only gets harder

"Past Perfect / Passive Voice / Phrasal VerbsIt only gets harder.Red Ballon.English for kids."...see more →

Red Balloon print
Red Balloon Print ads

Red Balloon: Broaden your child's horizons

Broaden your child's horizons. Red Balloon. English classes for kids. Advertising Agency: Ogilvy,...see more →

Wall Street Institute print
Wall Street Institute Print ads

Wall Street Institute: The world language

Other countries: OKIndia: NoLearn to speak english, the world language. Client: Wall Street...see more →