Lean & Caviar / Print
Lean & Caviar - Streetwear Collection
Cairo Festival City Mall / Print
Cairo Festival City Mall : Back To School
Burger King / TV & Film
Domino's Pizza / Print
Domino's Pizza:  Midlife crisis - Midnight crisis
KLO / Print
KLO - Be filled up in the year of the dog!
Berlitz / Print
Save trees. Learn English.
Little Caesars / TV & Film
Cat Footwear / Outdoor
Cat Footwear
Burger King / Print
Burger King
Bajaj / TV & Film
Brown Apron / Print
Brown Apron: Now Flying Every Day
Eric Bompard / Print
Eric Bompard - Soft Is The New Strong
GEICO / TV & Film
Latet / TV & Film
Detran-RN / Outdoor
Be coherent. Be Concious.
Lernia / Online
Red Cross / Print
Red Cross
Ruff / Print
Ruff: "Legends of Tomorrow" by Autumnwinter
Ford / Print
Ford: "Real Ford Consumers become gods" by Saatchi & Saatchi
Doulux / Print
Doulux: "The calm after the storm." by Havas
Honda / Print