Philips / Print
Philips: "Reveal More. Laser hair removal at home." by Miami Ad School
Land Rover / Print
Land Rover
McDonald's / Print
McDonald's - summer classics
Kamasutra / Print
Detran-RN / Print
Danger zone
Citroen / Print
So sorry copilots. New Citroën C3 with GPS Navigation System.
SOS Mata Atlântica / Print
SOS Mata Atlântica: "The forest never dies alone." by DPZ&T
Kings Island / TV & Film
Ruff / Print
Ruff: "#playoffline" by Autumnwinter
Lazanda / Print
Lazanda: "Lazanda works without waiting" by Area 23
Cadillac / Print
Cadillac: "Because humans drift" by Saatchi & Saatchi
Daman / Print
Daman: "Don't treat yourself to antibiotics." by FP7
Lexus / Print
Lexus: "experience amazing" by Ogilvy
GSK / Print
GSK: "RA patients aren't being dramatic" by Area 23
Citroen / Print
Don't miss the complete landscape.
Nutro / TV & Film
McCafé / Print
McCafé - Alarm Clock
ING / TV & Film
Diesel / Print
Diesel: "Make love not walls."
Concern for Kolkata / Outdoor
Concern for Kolkata: "Save Kolkata's endangered architecture."
Purnam Medicare / Print
Purnam Medicare: "Painless tattoo removal."