The One Club / TV & Film
Yves Saint Laurent / TV & Film
Good Planet Foundation / Outdoor
IKEA / TV & Film
Postmates / Online
Postmates: "We get it" 180LA
Skoda / Print
Skoda: "Bloody women drivers" by Boys and Girls
Taobao / TV & Film
Taobao: "Discover A World Of Treasures" by mcgarrybowen
Ford / TV & Film
Kia / Print
Kia: "Keep your eyes on the road." by Innocean
Nestle / TV & Film
Filli / Print
Filli: "Get Back To Love" by The Hook Creative Agency
Baby Bomba / Print
Baby Bomba: "How the cookie milk is made?" by FCB
Fabrikant / Print
Fabrikant: "Comfortable home and office furniture" by Art. Lebedev Studio
Audi / TV & Film
Instituto Nacional de Seguros / Print
Instituto Nacional de Seguros: "Be smarter, do not run a red light" by Ogilvy
Coca-Cola / Ambient
Cadillac / TV & Film
Smart Prague / Print
Smart Prague: "Go eco, breathe cleaner" by Nydrle
Lexus /
Nike / Radio
Little Caesars / TV & Film