Visa / Print
Visa: You and your luggage
Amnesty International / Print
Amnesty International: The youngest war veterans
Samsung / TV & Film
SAMI / Print
SAMI: Is your love Compatible?
AIDES / Print
Aides: Make love Not war
Bergedorfer / Print
Bergedorfer: Brewed with love
Pink Ribbon / Online
Legoland / Print
Legoland: Miniland USA
AERIS / Print
AERIS: Infinite paradise
CANAL+ / TV & Film
Legoland / TV & Film
Volkswagen / Online
McDonald's / Outdoor
McDonald's: Come as you are
World Meat Free Day / Print
World Meat Free Day: Take the plage
CANAL+ / TV & Film
Listerine / Print
Listerine: Where's your mouth been
Dovonex / Print
Dovonex: Love your skin again
Maltesers / TV & Film
The Ernest Hemingway Foundation / Print
The Ernest Hemingway Foundation
FATH / Print
FATH: Donate lifetime
Stay Simple Hostel / Print
Stay Simple Hostel