Pepto Bismol / Print
Pepto Bismol: Eat, Dring, & be recovered
Unileste / Print
Unileste: If you see standing water, see danger
Danone / Print
Danone: Reduces burning sensations.
Canon / Print
Canon: Anyone can be a star in front of the right camera
Durex / Online
Snickers / TV & Film
Peugeot /
MasterCard / TV & Film
Virgin / Print
Virgin: work hard hawaii hard
Bridgestone / TV & Film
Danone / TV & Film
Tic Tac / Print
Tic Tac: 3 pretty playful minutes
Colsubsidio Libraries / Print
Little red riding hood & Tom Sawyer
Fiat / TV & Film
LTB Jeans / Print
LTB Jeans - Let's try
PETA / Ambient
League against cancer / Print
League against cancer:  A mole on your skin
Solo / Print
Solo: Multipurpose knife
Mollie's Fund / Print
Mollie's Fund: A mole isn't always just a mole
Pink Ribbon / Direct Marketing
Dunkin' Donuts / Print
Dunkin' Donuts: Bring on the day!