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Breathe Right ads
Breathe Right Print ads

Breathe Right: Quit Protesting Sleep

Quit Protesting Sleep / Stop Disturbing the Peace / End the All-Nighters Advertising Agency:...see more →

Santa Therezinha Maternity Hospital ads
Santa Therezinha Maternity Hospital Print ads

Santa Therezinha Maternity Hospital: You can't trust all storks

Client: Santa Therezinha Maternity Hospital You can't trust all storks. Advertising Agency: Binder...see more →

Old Spice Online ads

Old Spice: The first mobile controlled banner

Old Spice introduced a new wild collection of scents with an extensive campaign. Our task was to...see more →

Johnson & Johnson ads
Johnson & Johnson Print ads

Johnson & Johnson: it's not the shampoo's fault

Kids cry, but it’s not the shampoo’s fault. Advertising Agency: BBDO, Chile Executive Creative...see more →

Pepsodent print ads
Pepsodent Print ads

Pepsodent: Reaches impossible places

Reaches impossible places. Advertising Agency: Borghi/Lowe, Brazil Global Creative Director:...see more →

Dove Ambient ads

Dove: Dove Self Esteem Project

The Dove Self Esteem Project has been working for several years on promoting women's self esteem...see more →

Oral-B ads
Oral-B Print ads

Oral-B: Don't let it escape

Don't let it escape. Client: Oral-B Advertising Agency: Publicis, Brazil Creative Directors: Hugo...see more →

Oral-B ads
Oral-B Print ads

Oral-B: Find the salad in your mouth

Client: Oral-B Advertising Agency: Publicis, Brazil Creative Director: Hugo Rodrigues / Creative...see more →

Benefit Cosmetics Ambient ads

Benefit Cosmetics: Ring ring...

'Ring ring....' would YOU be tempted to answer the ringing pink telephone? Benefit Cosmetics...see more →

Labello print ads
Labello Print ads

Labello: Taste the exotic

Taste the exotic. Labello fruity shine pomegranate. Advertising Agency: Draftfcb, Vienna, Austria...see more →

Opticana ads
Opticana Print ads

Opticana: He probably just needs glasses

Client: Opticana Eyewear He might be a genius,He probably just needs glasses.Opticana kids....see more →

Johnson & Johnson ads
Johnson & Johnson Print ads

Johnson & Johnson: for all you love

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day, USA Global Creative President: Rob Schwartz / Group Creative...see more →

Johnson & Johnson TV & Film ads

Johnson & Johnson: Love is the reason you care

Love is the reason you care. For all the things in your life that make life worth living. Client:...see more →

Yodora print ads
Yodora Print ads

Yodora: Here something stinks

Client: Yodora Foot Deodorant Advertising Agency: Sancho BBDO, Bogotá, Colombia Creative VPs: Hugo...see more →

Listerine print ads
Listerine Print ads

Listerine: No one needs to know

"No one needs to know." Client:Listerine Advertising Agency: Below, Lima, Peru Art Director:...see more →

Nexcare ads
Nexcare Print ads

Nexcare: The last scream of fashion

The last scream of fashion Client: Nexcare 3M Advertising Agency: Grupo CP, Santiago, Chile...see more →

Dermodex print
Dermodex Print ads

Dermodex: Understand your child better

Understand your child better.Look for orientation from doctors and specialists for you child to...see more →

Arkocapsulas print ads
Arkocápsulas Print ads

Arkocápsulas: Erases Flatulence

Relief made with Charcoal. / Riddance made with Charcoal. / Alleviation made with Charcoal.Erases...see more →

Clorox ads
Clorox Print ads

Clorox: Eliminating 99.9% of bacteria since 1913

Client: Clorox Eliminating 99.9% of bacteria since 1913 Advertising Agency: DDB, Colombia Creative...see more →

Garnier ads
Garnier Print ads

Garnier: Bad nights disappear

Bad nights disappear. Client: Garnier Advertising Agency: Publicis, Santiago, Chile Executive...see more →