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Durex ads
Durex Print ads

Durex: Mardi Gras

Client: Durex Advertising Agency: Havas Worldwide, Sydney, Australia Executive Creative Director:...see more →

Playtex ads
Playtex Print ads

Playtex for difficult little people

For difficult little people. Advertising Agency: Grey Healthy People, USA Creative Director: Chee...see more →

Academia Evolução
Academia Evolução Print ads

Academia Evolução: Don't hide from summer.

Don't hide from summer. Advertising Agency: Intertotal Comunicação, Caruaru, Brazil Creative...see more →

Aquafresh ads
Aquafresh Outdoor ads

How to make your billboard Shine?

"How to make your billboard Shine? The challenge: Aquafresh White & Shine toothpaste keeps...see more →

Apollo Eye Clinic ads
Apollo Eye Clinic Direct Marketing ads

Eye Chart - calendar

Advertising Agency: Bitopi Advertising Ltd, Dhaka, Bangladesh Creative Director: Vedobroto Roy /...see more →

Bliss ads
Bliss Print ads

Bliss Really Cares

Really cares of your body Advertising Agency: Looma, Kishinev, Moldova Creative Director / Art...see more →

Axe ads
Axe Print ads

Axe Shower Gel Cleaner

The cleaner you are. The dirtier you get. Advertising Agency: BBH, London, UK Executive Creative...see more →

NIVEA Online ads

Nivea: Presenting 4 new shower gels

Singing in the shower community presents the first ever social karaoke. Here voices of two random...see more →

Band Aid TV & Film ads

A nice young nurse and a ex coma patient

Director: Will Kindrick Producer: Jeffrey Benavides / Director of Photogrpahy: Chris Saul /...see more →

Maxam ads
Maxam Print ads

Don't let germs settle down

Don't let germs settle down. Advertising Agency: JWT, Shanghai, China...see more →

Optifog TV & Film ads

The New Technology Against Fog

Entirely improbable but made me smile. Advertising Agency: Herezie, Paris, France...see more →

Green Beaver TV & Film ads

Frosty Mint - Smile Naturally

"Holding a natural smile in an uncomfortable situation can be a tiresome thing, so if you have to...see more →

Old Spice ambient ads
Old Spice Ambient ads

Old Spice: New fragrance: the Champion

BRIEF: Our task was to raise awareness around Old Spice's new fragrance: the Champion. This product...see more →

Old Spice ads
Old Spice Print ads

Pure man scent

Pure man scent Advertising Agency: Proximity, Santiago, Chile...see more →

Otrivin ads
Otrivin Print ads

Otrivin does the trick

"Treat your seasonal allergies" Advertising Agency: Y&R, Belgium Creative Director: Mateusz...see more →

Gillette ads
Gillette Print ads

What's inside your beard?

A lot can happen inside the beard Advertising Agency: BBDO, New York...see more →

Oral-B ads
Oral-B Ambient ads

Oral-B: Plaque is hidden

Plaque is hidden between your teeth. Client: Oral-B Advertising Agency: Beacon Communications/Leo...see more →

Gillette print
Gillette Print ads

Gillette: Changing the face of history since 1901

"U.S. Ambassadors to Germany / U.S. Major Generals / U.S. Orchestra DirectorsChanging the face of...see more →

Avon ads
Avon Print ads

Upside-down Fairytale Nails collection

"Upside-down Fairytale Nails collection You will fall deeply asleep only for partying late. /...see more →

St John Ambulance TV & Film ads

St John Ambulance: Helpless

This St John Ambulance advert follows the journey of a man diagnosed with cancer who undergoes...see more →