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IKEA Online ads

IKEA: The other letter

Advertising Agency: McCann, Spain Client: IKEA see more →

Comfort Print ads

Comfort: Your favorite outfit will never dye.

Your favorite outfit will never dye. Advertising School: Miami Ad School Europe, Hamburg, Germany...see more →

Pedigree Print ads

Pedigree: stretchy leash free for pedigree dog

"Since they grow faster with pedigree, stretchy leash free for pedigree dog." Advertiser: Mars,...see more →

IKEA Ambient ads

IKEA: Watch movies in cozy beds

Advertising Agency: Instinct, Moscow, Russia Client: IKEA   see more →

Big Green Egg
Big Green Egg Print ads

Big Green Egg: Send your chicken/pork/beef to a higher place.

Send your chicken/pork/beef to a higher place. Advertising Agency: 22Squared, Tampa, USA Creative...see more →

Rinso Print ads

Rinso: Play for real. Dirt is good.

Play for real. Dirt is good. Advertising Agency:Lowe & Partners, Jakarta, Indonesia Chief...see more →

Alpina Print ads

Alpina: Non-dripping paint for ceilings

No more splash. No more stain. Non-dripping paint for ceilings. Advertising School: Miami Ad...see more →

Diamond ads
Diamond Print ads

Diamond: Anything sets them off. Strike Anywhere Matches.

Anything sets them off. Strike Anywhere Matches. Advertising School: Miami Ad School Europe,...see more →

Ziploc Online ads

Ziploc: Little Beasts Series

Nothing says the holidays like dressing up kids in uncomfortable clothes, and seeing just how long...see more →

Scotch ads
Scotch Direct Marketing ads

Scotch: The Invisible Tape

The Brief The Invisible Tape by Scotch is the tape that makes tears on paper...see more →

IKEA Outdoor ads

IKEA: 2015 outdoor range

Advertising Agency: The Monkeys, Australia Executive Creative Director: Justin Drape / Creative...see more →

Old English
Old English Print ads

Old English: Stains kill.

Stains kill. Advertising Agency: Havas Worldwide, New York, USA Chief Creative Officer: Darren...see more →

Post-it print ad
Post-it Print ads

Post-it: Pocas palabras

Client: Post-it Advertising School:Brother Ad School, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Creative...see more →

Lonas Mattresses outdoor ads
Lonas Outdoor ads

Lonas: It's Christmas. Spoil yourself with the sweetest sleep.

It's Christmas. Spoil yourself with the sweetest sleep. Advertising Agency:Alberto Berton, Vilnius...see more →

IKEA Print ads

IKEA: Be prepared this PrideFest

Advertising Agency: 303LOWE, Perth, Australia Creative Director: Richard Berney / Creatives: Scott...see more →

Purina Ambient ads

Purina: Kitten Therapy: The Prescription for Stress

The secret to stress relief? Tiny kittens! We invited strangers to step inside our big glass "...see more →

IKEA Online ads

IKEA Supper Club: Kitchen Blind Test

Advertising Agency: Åkestam Holst, Stockholm, Sweden Creative Director: Andreas Ullenius // Art...see more →

Huggies Online ads

Huggies: Happy moments because we’re together

Even though the infant care is a harsh and difficult process,  those little moments that mothers...see more →

Tefal Non-stick pans ad
Tefal Print ads

Tefal non-stick pans don't leave room for anything to stick around

Advertising School:Miami Ad School, Hamburg, Germany Creative Director:Nathan Dills Art Director:...see more →

Unilever OMO
OMO Print ads

Unilever OMO: People who get dirty changes the world

People who get dirty changes the world. Nelson wouldn't be Nelson Mandela if he stayed at home. As...see more →