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Handy Andy
Handy Andy Print ads

Handy Andy: Tough cleaning, beautiful results

Tough cleaning, beautiful results. Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Action, Durban, South Africa...see more →

PetBeauty Print ads

PetBeauty: #instadog

Client: PetBeauty Pet Shop & Salon Advertising Agency: Tuppi, Salvador, Brazil Creative...see more →

IKEA Print ads

IKEA: Some Things Are Better Kept Separate

Some Things Are Better Kept Separate Advertising Agency: JWT, Warsaw, Poland Creative Director:...see more →

Sunlight Liquid Detergent
Sunlight Print ads

Sunlight: Separate them

Separate them. Advertising Agency: Lowe, Bangkok, Thailand Global Creative Director: Basil Mina /...see more →

Pampers TV & Film ads

Pampers: babies falling asleep to happy babies playing

There are a million kinds of love, a million different ways to sleep and a million different types...see more →

Sherwin Williams
Sherwin Williams Print ads

Sherwin Williams: Outdoor paint

Outdoor paint. Advertising agency: Concept McCann, Caracas, Venezuela Creative VP: Alejandro...see more →

Eau Ecarlate ads
Eau Ecarlate Print ads

Eau Ecarlate: Don't let it fade

Don't let it fade. Product: Eau Ecarlate Renovator Black Clothing Advertising Agency: Herezie,...see more →

Breeze Washing Detergent
Breeze Outdoor ads

Breeze: Today's stains are complex

Today's stains are complex. Advertising Agency: Lowe, Singapore Chief Creative Officer: Dominic...see more →

Caran d'Ache Crayons
Caran d'Ache Print ads

Caran d'Ache Crayons: Let it Out

Let it Out. Advertising Agency: Wirz/BBDO, Zurich, Switzerland Creative Director: Philipp Skrabal...see more →

Colorama ads
Colorama Outdoor ads

Colorama: missa inte

Advertising Agency: Spenat, Karlstad, Sweden Art Director: Erik Nilsson / Copywriter: Marcus...see more →

Pedigree Outdoor ads

Pedigree: A dog makes your life happier

A dog makes your life happier. Adopt. Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, São Paulo, Brazil Chief...see more →

BOSCA Ceramic Knife
BOSCA Print ads

BOSCA Ceramic Knife: A dull knife is not a knife

A dull knife is not a knife. Advertising Agency: La Familia, Santiago, Chile Executive Creative...see more →

Freshpet Print ads

Freshpet: Processed Foreign Ingredients

Advertising Agency: Terri & Sandy Solution, New York, USA Creative Directors: Terri Meyer,...see more →

Silence Acústica windows
Silence Acústica Print ads

Silence Acústica windows: Block out noise

Silence Acústica windows. Block out noise. Advertising Agency: Hermandad, Brazil Creative Director...see more →

Purina ads
Purina Print ads

Purina: Stop treat your dog like a trashcan

Stop treat your dog like a trashcan. Advertising Agency: Publicis, Bogota, Colombia Chief Creative...see more →

Mabe Direct Marketing ads

Mabe: Toy Box

Advertising Agency: Maruri Grey, Ecuador Chief Creative Officer: Daniel Pérez Pallares / Creative...see more →

ACE Bleach ads
ACE Bleach Print ads

ACE Bleach: The bleach that dazzles

"What will we call zebra crossings?" "Bleach that will knock your spots off." Advertising Agency:...see more →

Lavanderia Wash ads
Lavanderia Wash Print ads

Lavanderia Wash: Deep cleaning for fine clothes

Deep cleaning for fine clothes Advertising Agency: JWT, Sao Paulo, Brazil Chief Creative Officer:...see more →

Schlage TV & Film ads

Schlage: you REALLY need to know

Sometimes, you need to know you're getting a strong lock. Other times, you REALLY need to know you'...see more →

Persil print
Persil Print ads

Persil: Don't let a stain tell the wrong story

Don't let a stain tell the wrong story Advertising Agency: TBWA\Central Asia & Caucasus,...see more →