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OMO print ads
OMO Print ads

OMO: Dirt is Good 2

Dirt is Good Advertising Agency: Lowe, Cape Town, South Africa Creative Director: Kirk Gainsford...see more →

Stihl TV & Film ads

Stihl: The ultimate gardening tools

Following the French-style garden, the English garden and the Japanese Zen garden. STIHL and...see more →

Finish Furnitures ads
Finish Furnitures Print ads

Finish Furnitures: Next to a furniture, everything goes out of fashion

Next to a furniture, everything goes out of fashion. Advertising Agency: Giacometti, Brazil...see more →

Asurin ads
Asurin Print ads

Asurin: Breathe fresh air

Breathe fresh air. Asurín bags with easy close. The bag closes, the smell goes away. Advertising...see more →

GeoPack ads
GeoPack Print ads

GeoPack: environmentally friendly products

"It's comforting to know we can enjoy ourselves while keeping our planet safe with environmentally...see more →

Biolit print ads
Biolit Print ads

Biolit: single hand

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Prague, Czech Republic Chief Creative Director: Jaime Mandelbaum /...see more →

Pedigree TV & Film ads

Pedigree: Feeding Brighter Futures

For rescue dogs like Mojo, the right nutrition is the first step to a Brighter Future. This year we...see more →

Huggies ads
Huggies Print ads

Huggies: your baby's canvas

Because your world is your baby's canvas Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Chicago, USA...see more →

Ariel Print ads

Ariel: Surprise Collection

Title: Surprise Collection Advertiser: P&G / Product: Ariel Ad Agency: Agencia Afric Chief...see more →

Biocanina ads
Biocanina Print ads

Biocanina: Love him like you love yourself

Love him like you love yourself. Advertising Agency: Leg, Paris, France Creative Director: Gabriel...see more →

Polycell TV & Film ads

Polycell: Quick Drying Polyfilla Spray

Our new Quick Drying Polyfilla Spray helps repairs hairline cracks with one quick and easy...see more →

Tempur-Pedic TV & Film ads

Tempur-Pedic: get a great night's sleep

Tempur-Pedic knows that when you get a great night's sleep, the world notices. And when you don't?...see more →

Skay ads
Skay Print ads

Skay: Gloves with sleeves

Gloves with sleeves. Gloves with glamour. Advertising Agency: FWK, Argentina Creative Director:...see more →

Delta Faucet TV & Film ads

Delta Faucet: Instrumental Touch

Glenn Kotche, drummer from Wilco, helped arrange this version of "Reach Out, I'll Be There" on...see more →

Wet Ones ads
Wet Ones Print ads

Wet Ones: What a beautiful mess

Job interview. Oral fixation. Cheap pen. Still unemployed.What a beautiful mess. Advertising...see more →

Nutrience ads
Nutrience Print ads

Nutrience: Hachiko waited for his master

"At a train station, Hachiko waited for his master to be back from work. He kept on even after the...see more →

Stihl ads
Stihl Print ads

Stihl: All the muscles you need

All the muscles you need. Client: Stihl Advertising Agency: Publicis, Brussels, Belgium Worldwide...see more →

Clorox TV & Film ads

Clorox: Smart Tube Technology

Clorox is making cleaning history by introducing SMART TUBE® TECHNOLOGY to their sprays bottles --...see more →

Lider Interiores print ads
Lider Interiores Print ads

Lider Interiores: Approved by the father

Advertising Agency: Lápis Raro, Belo Horizonte, Brazil Creative Directors: Carla Madeira, Cristina...see more →

Champion Pet Food print ads
Champion Pet Food Print ads

Champion Pet Food: For better looking dogs

For better looking dogs Client: Champion Pet Food Advertising Agency: Porta, Santiago, Chile Chief...see more →