Industrial & Agriculture Ads

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Manufactura Ambient ads

Short On Shorts

Local printing house MANUFACTURA wanted to deliver fast textile printing message to AD people...see more →

Baygon ads
Baygon Print ads

Treat them as they treat you

"Treat them as they treat you." Advertising Agency: ZEA BBDO, Caracas, Venezuela Creative Directors...see more →

Ecoya ads
Ecoya Print ads

Ecoya: Just add candlelight

Just add candlelight Client: Ecoya Soy Candles Advertising Agency: Special Group, New Zealand...see more →

Mitre 10 TV & Film ads

Mitre 10: your life this Valentine's Day

Learn how to create something unique for that someone special in your life this Valentine's Day....see more →

Nataraj Pencils ads
Nataraj Pencils Print ads

Superior lead in pencils

Superior lead matters Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai, India National Creative...see more →

Interstate Batteries TV & Film ads

Bringing Things to Life

"Brick," is a spot from the Interstate All Battery Center "Bringing Things to Life" campaign, which...see more →

IO Design Interior Fabrics
IO Design Print ads

IO Design: Interior Fabrics

Advertising Agency: BÜRO, Istanbul, Turkey Creative Directors: Ilker Zaharya, Esra Ayas Özalp /Art...see more →

Victorinox ads
Victorinox Print ads

Victorinox fan letters

There are only a few companies that regularly receive personal letters of appreciation from their...see more →

3M ads
3M Print ads

Sticky on both sides

Sticky on both sides. Advertising Agency: Grey, India Creative Directors: Amit...see more →

Karlstad Energy ads
Karlstad Energy Outdoor ads

No pigging about

No pigging about just a fair prize Learn how to avoid the worst pigs on more →

Karlstad Energy ads
Karlstad Energy Print ads

Learn how to avoid the worst pigs

Learn how to avoid the worst pigs on Advertising Agency: Bulldozer...see more →

Morton Construction ads
Morton Construction Print ads

Morton Construction private apartments

Buy new private apartments. Advertising Agency: Media Storm, Moscow, Russia Creative...see more →

Stihl ads
Stihl Print ads

The most powerful leaf blower

Leaf Blower BG-86D. The most powerful leaf blower. Advertising Agency: Publicis...see more →

Off ads
Off Print ads

OFF insect repellent

OFF insect repellent Advertising Agency: MayoDraftFCB, Chile Creative Director: Cristián...see more →

Fluid Controls ads
Fluid Controls Print ads

Escape from the pressure

Escape from the pressure with valves Fluid Controls. Advertising Agency: Finart...see more →

Mortein print ads
Mortein Print ads

Mortein: Nowhere left to hide.

Nowhere left to hide. Advertising Agency:4D Euro RSCG, South Africa Executive Creative Director:...see more →

Mortein print ads
Mortein Print ads

Mortein: Don't let mozzies ruin your fun

Don't let mozzies ruin your fun Advertising Agency: 4D Euro RSCG, South Africa...see more →

BIC ads
BIC Print ads

BIC: Whatever life breaks up.

Whatever life breaks up. Advertising Agency: BorghiErh/Lowe, Sao Paulo, Brazil...see more →

Nippon Odourless Paint ads
Nippon Paint Print ads

Nippon Odourless Paint

Give your nose something else to do. Nippon Odourless Paint. Advertising Agency: ...see more →

BIC ads
BIC Print ads

BIC: A lotta you in every stroke

Hello, my name is Tim Bic. A lotta you in every stroke. Just another day in paradise. Bic. A lotta...see more →