Durex #DoNotDisturb

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Durex #DoNotDisturb – Reconnect and enjoy great holiday sex

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A summer holiday is the one time of the year when we can reconnect with our partners, and, of course, enjoy great holiday sex. But even miles from home, our phones and technology can still get in the way. 

We invited 6 couples to take part in a Durex social experiment.

Half kept their phones. 
Half had them taken away.

Who do you think felt more connected to each other? 

At Durex, we believe couples should enjoy less screen time, and more playtime. Take a break from your phones and have better holiday sex. 

Advertising Agency: TMW Unlimited, USA
Creative Director / Art Director: George Bell
Creative Director / Copywriter: Tom Harman
Group Account Director: Michael Wells
Senior Campaign Manager: James Bailey
Producer: Natalie Price
Strategic Planner: Simon Butcher
Lead Designer: Anita Leung
Executive Producer: Jeremy Groman / Firecracker
Directors: Jeremy Groman, Marcus Liversedge
Producer: Kirsty Lane
DOP: Dave Miller
Offline Editor: Teddy Bekele
Grade: Danny Wood
Sound: Dave Williams

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