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Braun ads
Braun Print ads

Braun: Kate + John

Braun Precision Trimmer Advertising Agency: BBDO, Düsseldorf, Germany Creative Director: Toygar...see more →

Red Balloon print ad
Red Balloon Print ads

Red Balloon: It only gets harder

"Past Perfect / Passive Voice / Phrasal VerbsIt only gets harder.Red Ballon.English for kids."...see more →

Panasonic print ads
Panasonic Print ads

Panasonic: Stop spinning your food.

Stop spinning your food. Advertising Agency: Fischer Fala, São Paulo, Brazil Executive Creative...see more →

Getty Images print ads
Getty Images Print ads

Getty Images: 47% & 53%

Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, São Paulo, Brazil Executive Creative Director:Marcello Serpa / ...see more →

LensCrafters Print ads

LensCrafters: Love LC

Advertising Agency: Cutwater, San Francisco, USA Executive Creative Director: Chuck McBride / ...see more →

Sauter ads
Sauter Print ads

Sauter: Save time on the cooking

Advertising Agency: DDB, Paris, France Executive Creative Director:Alexandre Hervé...see more →

LOTO ads
LOTO Print ads

LOTO: Let the numbers talk. Loto.

KEEP TH3 HOU5E, 7HE CAR AND TH3 K1DS. Let the numbers talk. Loto. BO5S I TH1NK YOU 4R3 4 J3RK. Let...see more →

The Times print ads
The Times Print ads

The story's in the details

"True liability for France’s tainted victory over Ireland following Thierry Henry’s handball...see more →

Greenpeace ads
Greenpeace Print ads

Greenpeace: Change the picture now

Advertising Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi, Bucharest, Romania Creative Director:Jorg Riommi / ...see more →

Metro ads
Metro Print ads

Metro: Everyday a new story

Advertising Agency: Dag&David, London, UK Art Director: Dag Aarseth / Copywriter: David...see more →

Decathlon ads
Decathlon Print ads

Decathlon: Explore new worlds

"Explore new worlds. April 19 to May 3. Bike Promo. Nothing stops a runner. From April 4 to 28....see more →

Coinstar Print ads

Coinstar: Ch-ching!

Advertising Agency: Publicis, New York, USA Chief Creative Officer: Bob Moore Art Directors: Liem...see more →

VH1 print ads
VH1 Print ads

VH1: The wonderful world of VH1

The wonderful world of VH1 Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam New York, USA...see more →

Red Cross ads
Red Cross Print ads

Red Cross: Bombay City

Advertising Agency: McCann, Mumbai, India Creative Director:Niranjan Kaushik, Akshay Kapnadak / Art...see more →

Sunlight Dishwashing liquid
Sunlight Print ads

Sunlight: Expect more dishes this holiday

Expect more dishes this holiday.Sunlight, a little goes a long way. Advertising Agency: Lowe Bull...see more →

Telhanorte print ads
Telhanorte Print ads

Telhanorte: We have the tools

We have the tools. You have the need. Telhanorte Home Center. Advertising Agency: DDB...see more →

Nokia print ads
Nokia Print ads

Nokia: You never know when you will need.

You never know when you will need. Advertising Agency: JWT, Sao Paulo, Brazil Creative Director:...see more →

Asus ads
Asus Print ads

Asus: Prefer the one who is green

"Prefer the one who is green. For a greener world, ASUS produced N80. With long...see more →

Red Balloon print
Red Balloon Print ads

Red Balloon: Broaden your child's horizons

Broaden your child's horizons. Red Balloon. English classes for kids. Advertising Agency: Ogilvy,...see more →

Purina Bark in the Park
Purina Print ads

Purina Bark in the Park event for dogs

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Auckland, New Zealand Executive Creative Directors: Damon O'Leary,...see more →

Wall Street Institute print
Wall Street Institute Print ads

Wall Street Institute: The world language

Other countries: OKIndia: NoLearn to speak english, the world language. Client: Wall Street...see more →

Bosch print ads
Bosch Print ads

Bosch: 550 watts. MMR 1501 electric food chopper.

550 watts. MMR 1501 electric food chopper. Advertising Agency: DDB, Düsseldorf,...see more →

Panadol Print ads

Panadol: Effective headache relief

Effective headache relief Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, Beijing, China...see more →

Sunlight Anti-bacterial Dishwashing Liquid
Sunlight Print ads

Sunlight: Sometimes bad things happen

"Sometimes bad things happen to chopsticks." "Sometimes bad things happen to good lunch boxes." "...see more →

Leica ads
Leica Print ads

Leica: Cameras with anti shake image stabilization.

Cameras with anti shake image stabilization. Advertising Agency: Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann,...see more →

Greenpeace ads
Greenpeace Print ads

Greenpeace: "BEARS"

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG Copywriter:Eduardo Guerrero / Account Supervisor:Alberto Zschiesche...see more →

Band Aid ads
Band Aid Print ads

Band Aid: Flexible fabric.

Flexible fabric. Advertising Agency: JWT Dubai, UAE Executive...see more →

The Times print ads
The Times Print ads

Lips move in a silent chant run

"Eyes riveted on the oval.Every bounce, every pouncem triggers a ripple.Delirious and dizzy, we...see more →

Dulcolax ads
Dulcolax Print ads

Dulcolax: 5mg compresse rivestite

Product: Dulcolax Advertising Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi, Milan, Italy Creative Directors:...see more →

Canon ads
Canon Print ads

Canon: EOS ProGrip Battery pack

Advertising Agency: Dentsu Malaysia Creative Director: SP Lee / Art Directors: ...see more →

Spam Energy Drink ads
Spam Energy Drink Print ads

Spam Energy Drink: 2UPower to wild

Client: Spam Energy Drink 2UPower to wildLiving on the edge.Spam Energy drink Advertising Agency:...see more →

Duracell ads
Duracell Print ads

Duracell: Our most powerful battery ever

Our most powerful battery ever. Duracell Ultra Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Paris, France Creative...see more →

Royal Life Saving
Royal Life Saving Print ads

Royal Life Saving: Almost half of all adult drowning

Almost half of all adult drowning deaths involve alcohol. Don't drink and drown. Advertising...see more →

Chupa Chups ads
Chupa Chups Print ads

Chupa Chups with fizzy powder

Chupa Chups with fizzy powder Advertising School: Miami Ad School Art Directors: Gerrit-John...see more →

Electrolux print ads
Electrolux Print ads

Electrolux: We Believe Everyone Should Have A Chance To Shine

Advertising Agency: Lowe Brindfors, Stockholm, Sweden Copywriter:Steve Hanratty / ...see more →

Canon ads
Canon Print ads

Canon: EOS Lenses. For Every Point of View.

EOS Lenses. For Every Point of View. Advertising Agency: dentsuINDIO, Philippines...see more →

Pizza Hut ads
Pizza Hut Print ads

Pizza Hut: cat on a box

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Malaysia Executive Creative Director: Daniel Comar / Head...see more →

Levi's print ads
Levi's Print ads

Levi's: We are all workers

Advertising Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, USA Executive Creative Director:Mark...see more →