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Pet Center Marginal ads
Pet Center Marginal Print ads

Pet Center Marginal: Because you always forgive

Because you always forgive. Client: Pet Center Marginal Advertising Agency: Publicis, Brazil...see more →

Creative Guild of the Philippines
Creative Guild of the Philippines Print ads

Bring back the hunger

Bring back the hunger Client: Creative Guild of the Philippines Advertising Agency: Grey, Makati...see more →

JC Decaux print ads
JC Decaux Print ads

JC Decaux: Good Things - Coming Soon

Challenge : If talking 'bout weather is usually considered as trite, winter of '13 was national...see more →

Getty Images ads
Getty Images Print ads

Getty Images: photos of Muhammad Ali

We have 7,267 photos of Muhammad Ali.Please, stop using this one.Getty Images Advertising Agency:...see more →

Instituto do Sono print
Instituto do Sono Print ads

Instituto do Sono: Get back into sleeping

Get back into sleeping happily ever after. Client: Instituto do Sono - Sleep Care Clinic...see more →

Copywriters Club Nagoya ads
Copywriters Club Nagoya Direct Marketing ads

Copywriters Club Nagoya: Colorful sticky notes

Sticky Notes Annual BACKGROUND Japanese creators are considered to be diligent. They write notes...see more →

Star Models print ads
Star Models Print ads

Star Models: Say NO to anorexia

Client: Star Models You are not a sketch. Say NO to anorexia. Advertising Agency...see more →

Adwards Print ads

Adwards: 2013 Art Directors Club

Client: Latvian Art Directors Club ADWARDS 2013 Advertising Agency: !MOOZ, Riga, Latvia Creative...see more →

clarin ads
Clarin Print ads

Clarin: made of jobs

The world is made of jobs, find yours on Advertising Agency: ADN Comunicación,...see more →

Metro Shoe Laundry ambient ads
Metro Shoe Laundry Ambient ads

Metro Shoe Laundry: Keep them clean

When your shoes come home, they don't come alone. Keep them clean. Advertising Agency: Makani...see more →

Cabaret Audio Producer
Cabaret Audio Producer Print ads

Cabaret Audio Producer: Whatever it takes

Whatever it takesCabaret Audio Producer Client: Cabaret Audio Producer Advertising Agency: Heads...see more →

Antoshka Print ads

Antoshka: Winter bye

Bye hat, bye winter! / Scarf in closet. Winter bye! / Jacket off. Winter bye! Advertising Agency:...see more →

Pronaca ad
Pronaca Print ads

We share our world with you

We share our world with you Advertising Agency: Norlop JWT, Quito, Ecuador Art Directors: David...see more →

E-mart Ambient ads

E-mart Sale Navigation project

VLC technology-based marketing promotion in a hypermarket for the first time in the world. A lot of...see more →

Graphology Experts ads
Graphology Experts Print ads

I did not fix it

"I was not there. / I did not fix it. / I didn't steal." Advertising Agency: Makani...see more →

Centauro ads
Centauro Print ads

The more you erase

The more you run. The more you erase. Advertising Agency: Publicis Salles Chemistri, São Paulo,...see more →

Zoom ad
Zoom Print ads

Ship it with others

"Ship it with others might be a disaster." Advertising Agency: ZEA BBDO, Caracas, Venezuela...see more →

Sandiego Mall ads
Sandiego Mall Print ads

When the cat's away, the mice will play

When the cat's away, the mice will play. Advertising Agency: DDB Medellín, Colombia Executive...see more →

Greenlife ads
Greenlife Print ads

Encourage people to seek professional help

'These set of posters were designed to de-vilify Rehab centres and the stigma attached to them...see more →

Art Directors Club ads
Art Directors Club Print ads

Keep Fighting the good fight

Keep Fighting the good fight Advertising Agency: DDB, New York, USA Chief Creative Officer: Matt...see more →