Recreation & Leisure Advertisements

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Disneyland TV & Film ads

Bad Boys at Disneyland Paris

Who said that Disneyland was only for kids?  Discover what happens when 5 bad guys land in...see more →

Zapata Bar
Zapata Bar Print ads

Zapata Bar: Every dead man wants to be mexican

Every dead man wants to be mexican. Advertising Agency: Agência Zero, Curitiba, Brazil Creative...see more →

Detroit Institute of Arts TV & Film ads

Detroit Institute of Arts: The Samurai Are Coming!

Discover the artist behind the armor. Samurai: Beyond the Sword explores artworks that project the...see more →

Kingdom Of Sports
Kingdom Of Sports Print ads

Kingdom Of Sports: Fat can't hide

Fat can't hideKingdom Of SportsFitness for the people Advertising Agency: Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg,...see more →

Flower Council of Holland
Flower Council of Holland Outdoor ads

In case of love at first sight: Break glass

In case of love at first sight: Break Advertising Agency:...see more →

Lego Print ads

Lego: Creativity forgives everything

Creativity forgives everything. Advertising Agency: Grey, Paris, France Creative Directors:...see more →

Dallas Comedy House
Dallas Comedy House Outdoor ads

Dallas Comedy House: The funny side of Deep Ellum

The funny side of Deep Ellum. Advertising Agency: Johnson & Sekin, Dallas, USA Creative...see more →

Divyayog print ads
Divyayog Print ads

Divyayog: ancient authentic yoga

Learn ancient authentic yoga. Advertising Agency: Seagull Advertising, Pune, India Creative...see more →

Mega Gym
Mega Gym Print ads

Mega Gym: Mankind has always needed to be in shape

Mankind has always needed to be in shape Advertising Agency: Delantero, Fortaleza, Brazil Creative...see more →

Disneyland ads
Disneyland Print ads

Disneyland: The place where we all go back to childhood.

The place where we all go back to childhood. Advertising Agency: Saad, Paris, France Creative...see more →

Steimatzky Books
Steimatzky Print ads

Steimatzky: The Right Book

Client: Steimatzky Books Advertising agency: ACW Grey Tel-Aviv, Israel Executive Creative Director...see more →

The Andy Warhol Museum
The Andy Warhol Museum Print ads

The Andy Warhol Museum: Must be summer

Advertising Agency: MARC, Pittsburgh, USA Chief Creative Officer: Bryan Hadlock / Copywriter:...see more →

Galapagai Festival 2013
Galapagai Festival Outdoor ads

Galapagai Festival 2013: Tear off the chair

Tear off the chair. / Give up the earphones. / Escape the roof. / Break through the shell....see more →

Penguin Audiobooks
Penguin Outdoor ads

Penguin Audiobooks: Special Headphones

Advertising Agency: McCann Worldgroup, Mumbai, India Chief Creative Officer: Prasoon Joshi /...see more →

Planet Fitness TV & Film ads

Planet Fitness: Judgement Free Zone philosophy

Planet Fitness is known for our absurdly low prices, our Lunk Alarm, and most of all perhaps, for...see more →

Cine Colombia
Cine Colombia Print ads

Cine Colombia: Mega Sala cineco, much bigger movies

Mega Sala cineco, much bigger movies. Advertising Agency: TBWA\COLOMBIA, Bogotá, Colombia Creative...see more →

Ottawa International Animation Festival
Ottawa International Animation Festival Print ads

Ottawa International Animation Festival: Get in touch

"Get in touch with your inner child. And let it talk to strangers. And show it where babies come...see more →

Penguin Print ads

Penguin: A book can change the story of your life

A book can change the story of your life. Advertising Agency: Y&R, Beijing, China Executive...see more →

Penguin Audiobooks
Penguin Outdoor ads

Penguin Audiobooks: I know how that sounds

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Beijing, China Executive Creative Director: Nils Andersson / Creative...see more →

Lekker Bicycles
Lekker Print ads

Lekker Bicycles: traditional Dutch bicycle with mint, liquorice

"Yes, this Lekker Jordaan model I am not aware of. With tasty new colours from our palette of love...see more →

Gustavo Borges
Gustavo Borges Print ads

Gustavo Borges: Beat your own weight

Beat your own weight. Advertising Agency: Heads SP, Brazil Creative Directors: Silvio Medeiros,...see more →

Vila Olimpica
Vila Olimpica Print ads

Vila Olimpica: Escape from laziness

Escape from laziness. Advertising Agency: HomeAd, São Paulo, Brazil Art Directors: Marcelo Anache...see more →

Volta Ao Mundo ads
Volta Ao Mundo Print ads

Volta Ao Mundo: Go beyond the city tour

Go beyond the city tour. Advertising Agency: Draftfcb, Portugal Executive Creative Directors:...see more →

Havana Bar & Restaurant ads
Havana Bar & Restaurant Print ads

Havana Bar & Restaurant: Fidel would like it

"Havana, Kenya. Fidel would like it. You will too. Nairobi's own Havana Bar brings back memories of...see more →

Urbanears Outdoor ads

Urbanears: Slussen - mixing system app for iPhone

An interactive analogue sound poster launched for Urban Ears new product Slussen, a mobile DJ...see more →

Konzerthaus Dortmund TV & Film ads

Konzerthaus Dortmund: Music has found its master.

Music has found its master. Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Neue Elbe, Hamburg, Germany...see more →

SFF-rated Print ads

SFF-rated: The 8th International Science Fiction & Fantasy Film Festival

"April 10-17, 2013 / The 8th International Science Fiction & Fantasy Film Festival of Athens...see more →

Vancouver Aquarium ads
Vancouver Aquarium Print ads

Vancouver Aquarium: The Secret World of Sharks & Rays

"Shark scales are actually tiny teeth. As if they don't have enough already. / The only bones in a...see more →

NBA TV & Film ads

The NBA Finals 2013 beginning June 6 on ABC

The NBA Finals 2013 campaign, "FOREVER is BIG," is the first to celebrate current NBA players who...see more →

LARPING League print
LARPING League Print ads

LARPING League: the real life quality

Client:  The Vancouver Live action role playing (LARPING) League Advertising Agency: Spring,...see more →

Gold's Gym ads
Gold's Gym Direct Marketing ads

Gold's Gym: Healthy Note

Client: Gold's Gym Advertising School: Miami Ad School, São Paulo, Brazil Creative Director: Paulo...see more →

Madison Mallards print ads
Madison Mallards Outdoor ads

Madison Mallards: Grab your ticket now

Advertising Agency: Shine United, USA Executive Creative Director: Mike Kriefski / Creative...see more →

Brazilian Symphony Orchestra Online ads

Brazilian Symphony Orchestra: Behind The Classics

Most of the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra's (OSB) audience is older than 65 years. To ensure its...see more →

Gandhi Bookstores print ads
Gandhi Bookstores Print ads

The testimony of Faith

Client: Gandhi Bookstores Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, South Africa see more →

NBA TV & Film ads

NBA: We Are All Watching: Westbrook

"We Are All Watching: Westbrook" is the second in the series of NBA Playoffs 2013 commercials. This...see more →

Bogotá Film Festival TV & Film ads

Bogotá Film Festival: Bogocine case

Client: Bogotá Film Festival Advertising Agency: DDB, Colombia Chief Creative Officer: Rodrigo...see more →

SIFF TV & Film ads

SIFF: 2013 Trailer

Client: Seattle International Film Festival - SIFF Advertising Agency: WDCW (Wong, Doody, Crandall...see more →

Indy ads
Indy Ambient ads

Indy: Indy landed in Sao Paulo.

Briefing: Create awareness for the international race event ltaipava Sao Paulo Indy 300. Idea:...see more →

Libreria Norma TV & Film ads

Libreria Norma: Don Quijote De La Mancha

Advertising Agency: DDB, Bogota, Colombia Chief Creative Officer: Rodrigo Bolívar / Executive...see more →

Libreria Norma print ads
Libreria Norma Print ads

Libreria Norma: Don Quijote de La Mancha

Client: Libreria Norma "Don Quijote de La Mancha has been printed more than 450 million times. /...see more →