Recreation & Leisure Ads

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Mercure TV & Film ads

Mercure: Six Friends Theory

According to a theory, we are separated by no more than 6 people on the planet. Mercure...see more →

Divyayog print ads
Divyayog Print ads

Divyayog: Learn Ancient Authentic Aqua Yoga

Advertising Agency: Seagull, Pune, India Creative Director / Copywriter: Sanju...see more → TV & Film ads The Obvious Choice is obviously proud to present the first of a set of new TV ads: Hotels....see more →

Cia Athletica print ads
Cia Athletica Print ads

Cia Athletica: Don't let water go extinct

Don't let water go extinct. Avoid wastage. Client: Cia Athletica Advertising Agency: Portal...see more →

Academia Evolução
Academia Evolução Print ads

Academia Evolução: Don't be your worst enemy

"Don't be your worst enemy. With Evolução it's easier to pursuit a healthy life. Break free from...see more →

Cia Athletica
Cia Athletica Print ads

Cia Athletica: Don't be another one.

Christmas has plenty of characters out of shape. Don't be another one. Advertising Agency...see more →

Philharmonie Red Hair
Philharmonie de Paris Print ads

Philharmonie de Paris: "Ouverture"

BRAND - Philharmonie de Paris BRAND MANAGEMENT - Hugues de Saint-Simon, Luc Broté AGENCY BETC...see more →

Philharmonie de Paris TV & Film ads

Debut campaign for Philharmonie de Paris: "Ouverture"

The Greater Paris region is welcoming a new monument – in January 2015 the  Philharmonie de...see more →

Vhils Exhibition
Vhils Direct Marketing ads

Vhils Exhibition: The art remains on the wall

This is just a fragment of the piece. The art remains on the wall. Advertising Agency: MSTF-...see more →

Macpac Print ads

Macpac: Whatever your adventure

"Whatever your adventure" campaign was shot in Queenstown, New Zealand by photographer Chris Daile...see more →

Bigg Crossfit print
Bigg Crossfit Print ads

Bigg Crossfit: We don't need machines.

We don't need machines. Advertising School: Brother Ad School, Buenos Aires, Argentina Art...see more →

Expedia TV & Film ads

Expedia: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

This holiday season, make your travel mean even more. Watch as Santa flies around the world earning...see more →

Splashdown Park Ambient ads

Splashdown Park stashes free tickets around Vancouver

You can’t just have free tickets to a water park. You have to earn them. #GetWetForFree Advertising...see more →

Editorial Germinal ads
Editorial Germinal Print ads

Editorial Germinal: Nuevo Local

Client: Editorial Germinal Bookstore Advertising Agency:Gitanos Studio, San José, Costa Rica...see more →

Disneyland ads
Disneyland Print ads

Disneyland: Making dreams come true is a real job.

Making dreams come true is a real job. Advertising Agency: Quatre Vents, Paris, France Creative...see more →

Cia Athletica
Cia Athletica Print ads

Cia Athletica: Take care of your greatest asset.

Take care of your greatest asset. Advertising Agency: Agência casasanto, Belo Horizonte, Brazil...see more →

Hong Kong Disneyland
Disneyland Print ads

Hong Kong Disneyland: East Meets Walt.

East Meets Walt. Advertising Agency: PMACG, Sydney, Australia Creative Director / Copywriter /...see more →

Latina Basket print
Latina Basket Print ads

Latina Basket: This year will be like an American season!

This year will be like an American season! Advertising Agency: IENA Studios, Latina, Italy Creative...see more →

Cia Athletica
Cia Athletica Print ads

Cia Athletica's cross fit program

Without conditioning you become an easy prey. Join the eagle. Cia Athletica's cross fit program....see more →

Disneyland TV & Film ads

Bad Boys at Disneyland Paris

Who said that Disneyland was only for kids?  Discover what happens when 5 bad guys land in...see more →