Transport & Tourism Ads

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Delta Airlines Online ads

Delta Airlines: thank you!

Our passengers spent 2014 traveling the world, doing amazing things. To the 165 million of you who...see more →

Virgin Atlantic TV & Film ads

Virgin Atlantic: The Idea by Andy Serkis

Get inspired to explore with a preview of the new 2015 Virgin Atlantic TV ad. Life...see more →

Norwegian print ads
Norwegian Print ads

Norwegian: 417 routes to 126 destinations

Advertising Agency: M&C Saatchi, Stockholm, Sweden Interns: Axel Lokrantz...see more →

Norwegian Ambient ads

Norwegian: discover New York City. Real-time

A unique interactive experience that enables visitors in a shopping mall in Oslo to control a cab,...see more →

Lufthansa Ambient ads

Lufthansa: TasteofAmerica culinary tour

That's a wrap!. See all of the flavor on our #TasteofAmerica culinary tour, from New York to Los...see more →

AirBnB Print ads

Airbnb: sydney, rome, paris

Arrive as a Local Client: AirBnB Advertising School:Miami Ad School, Hamburg, Germany Art Director...see more →

Club Mahindra
Club Mahindra Direct Marketing ads

Club Mahindra: the bag "alive"

Challenge: The task was to communicate to warm prospects who had already gone through a...see more →

Novotel outdoor ads
Novotel Outdoor ads

Novotel: It's a lot better

Advertising Agency: TBWA\PARIS, France Creative Director: Jean François Goize / Art Director: ...see more →

DHL print ad
DHL Print ads

DHL: Size and shape. Not a problem anymore.

Size and shape. Not a problem anymore. Advertising School:Brother Ad School, Santo Domingo,...see more →

Tigerair TV & Film ads

Tigerair Infrequent Flyer Club

Unlike other airlines' frequent flyer programs, the Tigerair Infrequent Flyer Club was...see more →

Campanile print ads
Campanile Print ads

Campanile: Happiness guaranteed.

Happiness guaranteed. Advertising Agency: Ponk, Paris, France Creative Director / Copywriter: ...see more →

British Airways Online ads

British Airways: The true story of Chitra

Experience the Welcome of Home with British Airways here The...see more →

TAM Airlines Ambient ads

TAM Airlines: Historic Luggage

Advertising Agency: Wunderman, Brazil Creative Directors: Paulo Sanna, Adriano Abdalla / ...see more →

Irish Rail TV & Film ads

Irish Rail - Relaxed Fares

Based on watching two men on the train fall asleep in front of each other, when we were asked to...see more →

ibis TV & Film ads

ibis Room To Play

Every ibis hotel has room for surprises. Make sure you’re ready to enjoy them.  Sure, you’d expect...see more →

Virgin Hotels TV & Film ads

Virgin Hotels - 'Brilliant' Not To Scale New York

Virgin hotels launch a new two-minute video to illustrate their new services and amenities that...see more →

Lufthansa TV & Film ads

Lufthansa - An Indian heart?

Lufthansa is more Indian than you think! Advertising Agency: MRM/McCann India / Kolle Rebbe,...see more →

AirBnB Print ads

Airbnb: look past the landmarks

Advertising School:Miami Ad School, San Francisco, USA Art Director:Mike Butler // Copywriter:...see more →

Expedia print ads
Expedia Print ads

Expedia: Stop going to the same places.

Stop going to the same places. Advertising Agency: VML, São Paulo, Brazil...see more →

Eurostar ad
Eurostar Print ads

Eurostar: Win. Lose

Win. Lose. Draw blood. Advertising Agency: AMV BBDO, London, UK Executive Creative Directors:...see more →