TV & Film Advertisements

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Sky TV & Film advertisements

SKY: Freedom in your hands

Advertising Agency: DDB, New Zealand Chief Creative Officer: Damon Stapleton / Creative Director: ...see more →

Mercedes TV & Film advertisements

Mercedes Benz: Virtual Graffiti

Advertising Agency: Xenium Digital, Mumbai, India Creative Director:Parveez Nasayam / Art Director:...see more →

Sony TV & Film advertisements

Sony: The World’s First Underwater Store

The XPERIA Aquatech Store is a once-in-a-lifetime experience at the bottom of the ocean, and home...see more →

Saarioinen TV & Film advertisements

Saarioinen: Christmas morning

Advertising Agency: hasan & partners, Helsinki, Finland Creative Director: Eka Ruola / ...see more →

Johnson & Johnson TV & Film advertisements

With Johnson’s Baby wipes, nothing holds your child back

Your little one’s life awaits many magical firsts and sometimes things can get a little messy here...see more →

Coca-Cola TV & Film advertisements

Coca-Cola: Discover your move in order to keep moving

Aiming to encourage young people to discover a move able to make them happy, Coca-Cola developed an...see more →

Pepsi TV & Film advertisements

Pepsi: The symphony is in the trees

Advertising Agency:BBDO Vietnam Production House:Epic // Director:Keir Mcfarlane Production House...see more →

Reporters Without Borders TV & Film advertisements

Reporters Without Borders: "This is not a container, it's a prison"

In these troubling times for freedom of information (assasinations, repression, censure), ...see more →

Mazda TV & Film advertisements

Mazda 3: Mogees

The Mazda3 defies convention by delivering a combination of exhilarating driving dynamics while...see more →

Volkswagen TV & Film advertisements

Volkswagen: Now 100% electric

The iconic Golf has always been a bit electric. In this commercial we go back to 1985. A guy is...see more →

Skittles TV & Film advertisements

Skittles Documentary: STRUCK by a RAINBOW

STRUCK by a RAINBOW is a real, made up documentary extravaganza that dives into...see more →

XBOX TV & Film advertisements

Xbox: Move On Challenge Kinect

Client: Xbox Kinect Xbox Kinect wanted to prove that the limits of movement rely...see more →

Moto 360 TV & Film advertisements

Moto 360 - beauty and luxury

1. Moto 360 gives you subtle updates at a glance, so you can focus on things that really matter,...see more →

Ensemble Contre La Récidive TV & Film advertisements

Ensemble Contre La Récidive: The Lamb

The French association Ensemble Contre la Récidive (Citizens Against Recidivism), an...see more →

La Republica TV & Film advertisements

La República: For something to change, we need to know about it

Client: La República Advertising Agency: Tribal 121, Lima, Peru Creative Director: Lucas Bargen // ...see more →

KFC TV & Film advertisements

KFC - le bucket de Tenders

Lowe France has designed this film entitled "Like father like son," featuring a bucket Tenders an...see more →

Ford TV & Film advertisements

Ford: What does it feel like to drive a Mustang?

1. Lonnie had a bad case of stage fright. Would he be able to overcome his fears...see more →

Philharmonie de Paris TV & Film advertisements

Debut campaign for Philharmonie de Paris: "Ouverture"

The Greater Paris region is welcoming a new monument – in January 2015 the  Philharmonie de...see more →

Victoria Bitter TV & Film advertisements

Victoria Bitter: Never miss a run, ball or wicket

Never miss a run, ball or wicket this summer with the Victoria Bitter Live Cricket Watch. VB Live...see more →

Save The Children TV & Film advertisements

Save the Children: Rewrite Her Future

What seems like a nightmare at home, is a sad reality elsewhere. Every day, millions of girls wake...see more →