Axe: Less effort, more style

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LYNX Hair - Less effort, more style. Extended Edition

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A little effort goes a long way so make the most of your hair while it is still there. Experiment with new LYNX Clean Cut, Messy, Natural and Spiked Up products. Less effort, more style.

Advertising Agency: BBH, London, UK
Creatives: Jack Smedley, George Hackforth-Jones / Interactive Art Director: Vinny Olimpio
Creative Directors: David Kolbusz, Nick Gill, Gary McCreadie, Wesley Hawes
Team Director: Cressida Holmes-Smith / Team Manager: Freddie Vereker / Strategist: Tom Callard
Strategy Director: Agathe Guerrier / Business Lead: Helen James / Producer: Glenn Paton / Assistant Producer: Katie Burkes / Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks / Director: Noam Murro / Executive Producer: Orlando Wood / Producer: Jay Veal / Director of Photography: Eric Schmidt / Postproduction: Framestore / Editing House: Work Post / Editors: Neil Smith, Saam Hodivala / Sound: Will Cohen / String and Tins

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