The Cheesecake Factory: "Made With Love" by Pereira & O’Dell

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The Cheesecake Factory: OREO® Dream Extreme Cheesecake "Made With Love"

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You've never seen cheesecake like this.  "Made With Love" for The Cheesecake Factory's OREO® Dream Extreme Cheesecake will tantalize your eyes and the bass will tickle your taste buds.   OREO® cookies crushed and baked into a rich cheesecake filling and topped with layers of fudge, OREO® cookie mousse, and decadent milk chocolate icing.

Made With Love is a visual and audio experience that makes your day a lot sweeter.

Advertising Agency: Pereira & O’Dell, San Francisco, USA
Executive Creative Director: Jason Apaliski
Director: Oscar Nilsson
Editor: Joel Hopper
Social Designer: Bruce Blauberg
Producer: Josh Diaz
Account Supervisor: Jessica Zou
Food Stylist: Abby Stolfo

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