Fresh: Freedom to be you.

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Party Girls

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Life is full of choices, some tougher than others. It helps when you have the confidence and street smarts to find the best, most creative, and most rewarding way to get out of a jam. That’s the spirit we embrace and celebrate – the Freedom To Be You.

Party Girls

Our brand celebrates Freedom To Be You. In a world where everyone struggles to fit in, we revel in uniqueness and individuality. You don’t have to be like everyone else just to get the girl – or the boy. There’s someone out there that loves you exactly as you are – and we do too.


When you’re fresh and confident, you find it easy to think outside the box and find unexpected ways to get yourself out of difficult situations. Being yourself is its own reward, and our brand is always glad to share the grand prize – The Freedom To Be You.

Advertised brand: Fresh 

Ad Campaign Title:Freedom to be you.


Advertising Agency:Right Here Ltd., Nairobi, Kenya 

Executive Creative Director: Jimmy Geeraerts

Copywriter: Crystal Ading

Production & Post Production: Quite Bright Films

Director: Dan Prior

Published: October, 2015




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