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Jeep "Off Road, In House" by Mood Peru
Ceylon Today "Don't Be Shelfish’"
Ana Paula Moreno Institute
Colgate ads
Burger King "Best Neighbor"
McDonald's "Kids energy" print ads
The Israeli Chocolate Bar That’s Fighting the Corona Virus
Karsten Brewery "Good beer is like air: you can’t live without it."
Otrivin "Pills take time. Otrivin unblocks nose fast."
Mashreq Bank "The World is Tricky" by TBWA
Augarten Porzellan "Porcelain memes" by Jung von Matt
Amnesty International "Animal Borders" by  Circus Grey
Amnesty International ads
Jeep "Take The Wheel" by Miami Ad School
Royal Bombay Yacht Club "Made At Sea"
Nespresso "Getaway"
Burger King
McDonald's "Skip the dishes"
Bonds "Out Now"
McDonald's ads
IKEA "Fighting is Inevitable" print ads

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