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Tic Tac "Cufflinks x Tic Tac"
Evian "The Baby Bare Necessities" by BETC
El Refugio de la Niñez "help us protect migrant children"
Gogaz "Stop the ecocentric fart"
bbb Shoes & Boots "Amazing shoes" by Cerebro Y&R
Vanish Crystal White "so white it vanishes"
McDonald's "Office - Library - Hospital"
Viagem e Turismo "Destinations"
3M "The tape that crosses through our hearts"
Mitsubishi "Voice messaging makes the road as dangerous as texting."
Scribe "Therapy Book" by Archer Troy
COANIQUEM "Nobody celebrates with a weapon"
Critically Endangered Socks
Rolling Stone Magazine "Great music is immortal"
McDonald's "the dishes that wanted to be from McDonald's"
AMCV "words can be the first sign"
Sea Shepherd "The White Tide"
ESPN "Never Miss a Move"
Lux "The Soap with a Lump"
Aktual by Danone
Bulletproof Words "The words written by journalists will serve to protect them"
Coopavel "Living is cooperating"