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Amnesty International "Your signature can free Indonesia"
Diesel "SIDE:BIZ"
The Female Company "The Tampon Book" a book against tax discrimination
Jeep "Don't let stories become history."
Greenpeace "#ActForAmazonia because prayers aren't enough"
Jeep "Hotels are overrated"
Back Market "New Deal"
No Voice to Violence "Violence in Schools"
Transavia Airlines "Holidays are back"
Bose "Space Out"
Fisherman "Open can, eat"
Lineman "Food Delivery"
Volkswagen "Your truck is also an ecosystem"
Lectura "When you read a book, you travel somewhere else."
Bon Ton "Start Trending This Summer"
Pure Beauty Arabia "#Shine like the moonlight"
Resam Shilpi "Get Lost in Silk"
Tbilisi Zoo "Preserve At Any Cost. Toghether we can shape the future"
HBO "Women's Equality Day"
Homeless Animals "If you want an original tattoo, adopt!"
Audi e-tron "Revolution meets electric."
Unimed Curitiba "Germs love the winter. Take care."
Pascoal Loteamentos "Your Dreams Grow Up With You"
The Minds Foundation "INNER DEMONS"
 Tiff's Treats
Lafarge "Cement that lasts for Generations"