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More than a football success story, the prime video documentary about Paul Pogba, is about a mindset that brought a boy to the top, all through experiencing hard moments.  

“The Pogmentary” invites viewers to discover Paul Labile Pogba, the man off the pitch, as a father, son, brother, husband, showing he’s much more than an icon and social media star. We discover a man that proves to us that we can have painful experiences but that if we keep working, we can use them to our advantage.  

Because Paul Pogba was “Born ready”: ready to fall, ready to stand-up, ready to fight and ready to win.  

For the launch of the documentary, “The Pogmentary – Born ready” on Prime Video France on June 17th, Sid Lee Paris plays on the parallel between the Pogba of today and Pogba when he was a kid, dreaming of achieving his wildest dreams.  

The trailer shows a 10-year-old accomplishing those dreams, highlighting Pogba’s journey from a kid in Roissy en Brie to the world champion and man that everyone knows.  

Beyond the story of Paul Pogba, this campaign takes us back to the dreams of all our children. To see him as a kid, young Paul, achieve his dreams through determination makes us all want to dive back into our own dreams. Julien Sens (Sid Lee) 

The multi episode documentary will be exclusively available starting June 17th, on Prime video. 

The campaign launches June 10th through OLV, Radio, OOH and social media. 

Credits Amazon:

-      Head of Originals Marketing: Charlotte Michel
-      Senior Creative Director Europe: Xuan Pham
-      Creative Video: Freddie Barrie
-      Brand Supervisor: Ben Walker
-      Senior Marketing Manager: Najib Messaoudi
-      Junior Brand Manager: Raphael Cabotin 

Credits Sid Lee:

-      Chief Creative Officer, Europe: Sylvain Thirache 

-      President: Johan Delpuech
-      Creative Director: Céline & Clément Mornet-Landa
-      Creative Lead: Julien Sens
-      Art Director: Olivier Bodet
-      Business and Operations Director: Antoine Ferrari
-      Account Director: Margaux André
-      Project managers: Yoann Deminiac, Louisa Chaouche Teyara, Thomas Albert
-      Producer: Laetitia Neves
-      Managing Director in charge of Strategy: Bruno Lee
-      Head of social media: Cassandre Geron
-      Strategist: Héloïse Dung 

Rodeo FX Credits : 

VFX Producer and POST-PROD : Caroline Legault-Lanouette 
VFX Supervisor : Nicolas Pellicelli 
Comp artist : Caroline Brien, Mathilde Vezina-Bouchard 
Assistant online : Jackson Mulatelo 
VFX on set: Olivier Barbes-Morin 

Adeus Credits: 

Production : Adeus 
Director : Paul-Henry Thiard 
Producer : Julia Lellouche 
Production Director : Léa Blaise 
Chief Operator : Adrien Lallau 
Production coordinator : Magali Menessier 
1st Assistant Director : Ernest Bouvier 
Post production

Noble Credits:  

Music / Sound design / narration : Noble 

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