Bulletproof Words "The words written by journalists will serve to protect them"

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Mexico is the second most dangerous country for journalists, only behind Syria a country currently in the midst of war. Since year 2000, 122 journalists have been murdered.


To give visibility of the problem through a symbol. We created a real bullet proof vest made of printed news written by dead journalists or news that reported their deads. To be part of the conversation, it was presented to media outlets on The Freedom of Speech Day.

We involved various specialists in the creation of this symbol that carried the names of each dead journalist. And to make it a long lasting reminder it will be presented in the Memory and Tolerance Museum in Mexico City.


11 million impacts on Twitter during the week of the launch.

75 million people reached in total without media investment. !
Conversation in 3 countries.

Bulletproof Words exposes the dangerous conditions in which journalist in Mexico live every day. As part of this initiative, Article 19 and La Doblevida created a bulletproof vest covered with note press paper with the names of journalists killed in the country in recent years.

The words written by journalists will serve to protect them.

Advertising Agency: La Doblevida, Article 19

CEO La Doblevida: Manuel Camacho
COO La Doblevida: Miguel Angel Mendiola
Excutive Creative Director La Doblevida: Daniel García
Copywriters La Doblevida: Ángel Cabral Sena, Kabir Tobón
Additional Creative Directors La Doblevida: Carlos Pérez, Juan Pablo Manazza
Art Directors La Doblevida: Fernando Alemán, Sebastián Ospina
Account Manager La Doblevida: Adriana González
Head of Production La Doblevida: Ana Paula Tiscareño
Producers La Doblevida: Diego Esparza, Ana Galván
Mexico and Central America’s Director Articulo 19: Ana Cristina Ruelas
Designers äCo: Lucila Torres, Max Almeida
Production Company Oriental Films: Mauricio Clavijo, Paola Ortega

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