E-mart: truck shaped balloon

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Korean people work the longest hours in the world and are always busy. So they consider 'accessibility' most when they choose their favorite discount store. And they rarely change the choice. Our mission is that we make people staying far from E-Mart do shopping at E-Mart.

We created a flying store that flies to customers. The e-mart truck shaped balloon, equipped with a Wi-Fi router, that can fly to every corner of Seoul. Customers connected to the Wi-Fi signal using their mobile phones and downloaded coupons. They bought products immediately using the mobile app of E-Mart.

E-Mart sales soared both in on-line and off-line stores to 9.5%. Mobile sales, especially, increased to 157%. The download number of the E-Mart app increased more than 50,000 in the month alone.

Advertising Agency: Cheil, South Korea

Chief Creative Officer: Jeongkeun Yoo / Executive Creative Director: Thomas Hongtack Kim / Creative Director: Alex J. Kwon / Art Director: Seokjin Shin / Copywriter: Song-ha Lee / Account Executive: Jintaek Noh
Production Company: Pentabreed / Engineers: Yunho Choi, Sejun Jeong, Eunjin Kim / Opener / Engineer: Hyuncheol Cho / H9works / Engineers: Choonkeun Song, Hyungjoon Seo / Dove to rabbit