Ericsson: #bigcheer

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Advertising Agency: Lowe Brindfors, Stockholm, Sweden

Art Directors: Kristian Luoma, Lina Brunzell / Copywriter: Joakim Wållgren / Creative Director: Magnus Wretblad / Digital Director: Mårten Forslund / Account Director: Annette Gårdö / Account Manager: Sofie Holmström / Planner: Annika Rehn / Event Producer: Lennart Söderberg / Web designer: Peter Borell, Kristian Luoma / Final Art: Jeanette Andersson / PR agency: Golin Harris, Cecilia Levin / Production companies: Teenage Engineering, Zooma, Advers / Digital Producer: Lisa Stavenow

All tweets including the #bigcheer hashtag, text messages to our number and website cheers from are printed live on pieces of confetti in a large glass box situated in the Ericsson HQ.