IKEA: Say it with a bed

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Life keeps changing, but how often does your bed change with it? Not often enough. Show the world that you are taking your next step -- "say it with a bed".

Propose with a king size bed? Or surprise a dad-to-be with a new crib? Now is your chance. Every week a new winner will get their message embroidered on an IKEA bed and delivered as a surprise. If you're lucky, we will even make a short documentary about it.

Unfortunately, we cannot deliver beds outside of Sweden, but you can still try our sewing machine and make a virtual one. Maybe you know a Swede you can send it to? So what do you want to say? http://IKEA.se/sayitwithabed

Advertising Agency: Åkestam Holst, Sweden

Account Director: Kjell Månsson / Creative Director: Andreas Ullenius / Planner: Mikael Grenros
Account Manager: Anna Nolendorfs / Copywriter: Viktor Jacobsson, Maja Folgero
Art Director: Andreas Ekelund, Petra Albrektson / Digital Producer: Alex Picha / Prod. Co.: B-Reel