Mercedes-Benz SL Sting

Ad Agency
Image advertising:

"Mercedes-Benz launches the sixth edition of its iconic sports car. the SL. A dream car, from top to bottom. This exclusive two-seater is a great opportunity to fascinate brand lovers and get new ones on its social profiles, but you have to make them the experience of driving an SL."

"Many people dream about a sports car like this, but they won't have many chances to by it, unless we give them one. We set the SL with hidden cameras, picked up 3 real people and switched their cars for the new Mercedes SL at their parking spaces. We took 3 to reach them all. "

Advertising Agency: Wysiwyg/Razorfish, Madrid, Spain

Executive Creative Director: Marga Castaño / Creative Director: Daniel Molinillo / Creatives: Busto y Miguelez / Client Services Director: Jaime de Santiago / Account Director: Blanca Michelena Aviñó / Account Executive: Mercedes García / Agency Producer: Juan Gilmorte / Production Company: Bajocero / Filmmaker: Jota Aronak / Producer: Daniel Cano