Pepsi Like Machine - Live for now

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Pepsi wanted to create a new way of sampling. An easy way to engage with consumers and know who is liking and drinking our product at the same time. That's why we created the Pepsi Like Machine. And guess what...people really liked it. First test was at the 2013Beyonce concert in Antwerp. Live for now.

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Brussels, Belgium

Creative Director: Gert Pauwels / Creative: Diederik Van Remoortere / Project Manager: Jan Casier / Account Director: Yann Billen, Michael Renier / Digital Strategy: Rindert Dalstra / Event Manager: Sharon Lavaert
Back-end Developer: Diederik Van Remoortere / Front-end Developer: Alwyn Wymeersch / Experience Design: Gilles Vandenoostende / Animation Design: Frederik Severijns / Graphic Design: Anthony Buyssens / Studio Artist: Danny Jacquemin, Jan Van Stappen / Production: Willy Hebbrecht / Public Relations: Steven Verbeiren / Audio / Video producer: Johanna Keppens, Tom Syryn, Eli Sundermann