Reebok "Reebok To Go"

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Major European cities like Stockholm are being invaded by electrical scooters. They have become immensely popular but are also creating debate and are currently a hot topic in the news. Some hate the scooters, but others love them.

The main arguments for the scooters have been hard to argue against. Not only are they a fast and cheap alternative to cars, they are electric (sustainable) and contributes to less congestion on the roads.

However fresh research in Sweden show that only 2 in 100 journeys actually replace cars. In almost all other cases the scooter replaces people walking. So, even though its still faster, is not cheaper or more sustainable. And, more importantly it contributes more people moving even less which in turn affects people’s health. And fresh statistics from the WHO shows that less and less people get enough exercise. Reebok – a brand that believes in the power of moving (that sports can change lives) – is now launching Reebok To Go, an alternative to the e-scooters, and the first rentable sneaker service ever.

Why ride when you can use your feet? With Reebok-to-go there is no excuse.

Reebok-To-Go works in a similar way to rental scooters. The shoes are equipped with a QR-Code you simply scan with your phone. Once you have entered your details, it’s just a case of putting them on and away you go. The soles of the shoes also have a GPS tag, so each pair can be tracked on a map.

Reebok-To-Go is a reminder of the importance to get your daily exercise. If we can get more people to rediscover their feet through this initiative, that would be a step, well many steps, in the right direction.

Advertising Agency: M&C SAATCHI STOCKHOLM, STOCKHOLM, Sweden