Senador Volstead: hidden in a books cabinet

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The brief was to launch a new beer and have it to be choose instead of the usual one and tasted by new consumers in a very competitive market with huge brands. The strategy was to focus on consumers that aren´t very loyal to only one beer brand, and make them curious about tasting this new beer.

The insight of the idea came from the name of the beer, that was ironically put in honor of Senator Volstead, who once prohibited the consumption of alcohol. The idea was go back to that time and hide the beer as they used to in the 20´s, that way making it taste like something prohibited. That way we wanted to make young consumers curious about this beer and achieve our desired outcome.

The creative solution had a big relevance to the product since it was the first contact the brand had with the market and it had a very positive result. It was a strong and original idea, since it we were launching a product but instead of showing it everywhere, we decided to hide it and make it taste like a prohibited product, what was very appropriate to the brand, since its personality is original and ironical, and it was also appropriate to the target, who gave a chance to a new beer instead of keeping their usual brand.


Advertising Agency: Cheil Worldwide, Madrid, Spain

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