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BMW Online ads

BMW "The Unpredictable 360"

To combat people social media and driving, BMW decided to target these people on the very platform...see more →

Burger King TV & Film ads

Burger King "Chocolate Whopper"

The Chocolate Whopper® is a special version of the brand’s most iconic burger. Coming soon. Maybe. see more →

Para Chocolate Direct Marketing ads

Para Chocolate "Sweet Advisor" by BBR Saatchi & Saatchi

The Eurovision song contest is the biggest musical event in the world and this time it’s taking...see more →

Penguin Books "Lose yourself in a book"
Penguin Print ads

Penguin Books "Lose yourself in a book" by Cheil

Client: Penguin Books Famous novels including Dracula, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory...see more →

Trash Hero "Gone in 1 second"
Trash Hero Print ads

Trash Hero "Gone in 1 second"

Client: Trash Hero Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Bangkok, Thailand Chief Creative Officer:...see more →

KFC "Hot & Spicy"
KFC Print ads

KFC "Hot & Spicy"

Hot & Spicy Client: KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Hong Kong Chief...see more →

Super-Pharm "The Israeli Sun is not Your Sun"
Super-Pharm Print ads

Super-Pharm "The Israeli Sun is not Your Sun"

The Eurovision song contest is the biggest musical event in the world. In fact, it draws crowds...see more →

Samsung "Galaxy S10+ 1TB. A lot of photos."
Samsung Print ads

Samsung "Galaxy S10+ 1TB. A lot of photos."

Galaxy S10+ 1TB. A lot of photos. Advertising Agency: Cheil Worldwide Kazakhstan, Almaty,...see more →

Safe Road Fundation "unplug, while you're on the road"
Safe Road Fundation Outdoor ads

Safe Road Fundation "unplug, while you're on the road"

Client: Safe Road Foundation unplug, while you're on the road Observation - Nowadays many people...see more →

Adidas TV & Film ads

Adidas "#TheRealKashmir" by Cheil India

You think you've heard a lot about Kashmir. It is time you see #TheRealKashmir. The 2-minute spot...see more →

Nike Print ads

Nike "I'm making myself stylish" by The Creative Deer

I'm making myself stylish Advertising Agency: The Creative Deer, Dubai, United Arab Emirates...see more →

India Gate Online ads

India Gate "India Dega Aashirvad - For a Hunger Free India"

As Indians we take great pride in our traditions. Our culture and values are what define us, but...see more →

Dynamic India
Dynamic India Print ads

Dynamic India "Vote Responsibly" by Latitude

Thousands of Indian farmers commit suicide every year. You have the power to change the future....see more →

PETA advertisement
PETA Print ads

PETA: "No animal was harmed while eating this"

No animal was harmed while eating this. Go Vegan. Client: Peta Art Director: Tejas Phansekar...see more →

Jeep Wrangler print
Jeep Print ads

Jeep "Easily detachable roof"

Easily detachable roof Made room for adventure. Client: Jeep Wrangler Advertising Agency: Publicis...see more →

Glamour World "Too tiny to be game?"
Glamour World Outdoor ads

Glamour World "Too tiny to be game?"

Rocket oil is an aphrodisiac that helps men rise above their expectation and perform adequately. It...see more →

McDelivery Day
McDonald's Print ads

McDonald's: "when you're up for your favorites." by DDB

when you're up for your favorites. The McDelivery Day celebrations are from 8th to 11th of April...see more →

Huawei MateBook X
Huawei Print ads

Huawei MateBook X: "Powerful 12,5 mm" by Grey

Huawei MateBook X laptop is incredibly thin (only 12.5 millimeters thick), and at the same time...see more →

IKEA furniture
IKEA Print ads

IKEA: "go furniture-crazy" by Ogilvy

During the IKEA Winter Sale in the Middle East, customers save up to 75% OFF select items...see more →

Selva Foods
Selva Foods Print ads

Selva Foods: "Packs a punch to your dish!"

Be it your favorite baingan masala, tomato rasam, or drumstick sambar, a spoonful of Selva veg...see more →

Kasturba Hospital
Kasturba Hospital Outdoor ads

Kasturba Hospital against obesity and fattiness

Client: Kasturba Hospital Stop feeding fat. Start eating right. Stop slurping fat. Start drinking...see more →

IKEA TV & Film ads

IKEA: "End the Everyday Drama" by Ogilvy

Get yourself some well-deserved rest. Choose a mattress that suits your body and budget with a 25-...see more →

Bulat Utemuratov Foundation TV & Film ads

Bulat Utemuratov Foundation: "the ordinary life of unusual children"

Bulat Utemuratov Foundation has released a video for the World Autism Awareness Day. All...see more →

Chimp Wear
Chimp Wear Print ads

Chimp Wear "When you are a slave to fashion, someone else is too." by JWT

Client: Chimp Wear When you are a slave to fashion, someone else is too. Advertising Agency: JWT,...see more →

Amena Autism Center
Amena Foundation Print ads

Amena Autism Center: "Autism is challenging but not impossible" by VMLY&R

Autism is challenging but not impossible Advertising Agency: VMLY&R, Amman, Jordan Client: ...see more →

Kia Radio ads

Kia: "The power to surprise"

A tv commercial for Kia Motors made by Hungry Films, directed by Vijay Sawant,...see more →

National Geographic: "Planet or plastic?"
National Geographic Print ads

National Geographic: "Planet or plastic?" by Saatchi & Saatchi

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Client: National...see more →

Tattoo Removal Procedure
Chennai Plastic Surgery Print ads

Chennai Plastic Surgery: "Tattoo Removal Procedure" by TinyTall

# PRIDE Tattoo Removal Procedure Advertising Agency: TinyTall Creative, Chennai, India ...see more →

Maxploys: "Wanna cross?"
Maxploys Print ads

Maxploys: "Wanna cross?" by Youngsanti

Wanna cross? Maxploys Crossword Competition Calling for 2019 entires Advertising Agency:...see more →

Road and Transport Authority Dubai print
Road and Transport Authority Dubai Print ads

Road and Transport Authority Dubai: "Keep a safe distance" by Saatchi & Saatchi

Tailgating kills. Keep a safe distance. Client: Road and Transport Authority Dubai Advertising...see more →

Exide Print ads


COLOURS CAN BE KILLERS. Stop throwing colours on moving vehicles. Play Holi responsibly....see more →

NEXA TV & Film ads

NEXA: Safety Shield, Space, Manoeuvre, Automatic, Comfort

Enjoy a peppy drive through your city in the comfortable #IGNIS. #CreateInspire #NEXA Enjoy...see more →

Huawei Print ads

Huawei: "Beautification Mode" by Grey

Client: Huawei Advertising Agency: GForce/Grey, Almaty, Kazakhstan Creative Director: Yevgeniy...see more →

Coca-Cola Online ads

Coca-Cola Offside by JWT

Advertising Agency: J. Walter Thompson, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Executive Creative Officer:...see more →

McDelivery saves the day
McDonald's Print ads

McDonald's "McDelivery saves the day" by Leo Burnett

McDelivery saves the day. To unveil McDonald's' McDelivery service in the UAE, a series of simple...see more →

Samsung TV & Film ads

Samsung: "Samsung Firevase" by Cheil

Today in South Korea occur more than 10,000 domestic fires each year. To counter this situation,...see more →

Post Prandial Hyperglycemia
Vogo Print ads

Vogo: "Post Prandial Hyperglycemia" by Peepal Tree

There is no treatment for an Indian's sweet tooth. Thankfully, there is a treatment for controlling...see more →

Lifebuoy Print ads

Lifebuoy: "Don't let the germs come around" by Wunderman

Don’t let the germs come around. Advertising Agency: Wunderman, Dubai, United Arab Emirates...see more →

Sonrisas de Bombay: "Mumbai Smiles"
Sonrisas de Bombay Print ads

Sonrisas de Bombay: "Mumbai Smiles" by Caldas Naya

In India, more than 30% women are illiterate Do we have to come so far to get equal rights? In...see more →

Techno Vision: "STAY SAFE ALWAYS"
Techno Vision Outdoor ads

Techno Vision: "STAY SAFE ALWAYS" by Digitalin

STAY SAFE ALWAYS Ad Agency: Digitalin Creative Director: Jayant Savant Art Director: Jiwan...see more →