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WIZO TV / Film ads

Wizo "International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women"

Israel’s leading brands give their products a dark twist in a commercial break takeover for "...see more →

Puritas "The Great Warriors of Oxypura"
Puritas Print ads

Puritas "Ranashura Oxypura" "The Great Warriors of Oxypura"

Oxypura face masks is a product of Puritas, a 100% Sri Lankan...see more →

Lego Models of United Nations
Lego Integrated ads

Lego "Lego Models of United Nations"

Teenagers like Greta Thunberg have proven that they have creative solutions to save the world. But...see more →

Mediterranean Towers TV / Film ads

Saatchi & Saatchi "Alive & Kickin"

These seniors have a message you’re going to want to hear. “A few old people is no reason...see more →

ZOYA "Make Your Choice"
ZOYA Print ads

ZOYA "Make Your Choice"

Nowadays, freedom of expression is celebrated and diversity is embraced. But we know that there are...see more →

Samsung TV / Film ads

Samsung "Galaxy Note 20/20 Project"

Leo Burnett Israel and Samsung Israel present: "Galaxy Note 20/20 Project" A small business...see more →

Penguin "Naked Books" ads
Penguin Integrated ads

Penguin "Naked Books"

Penguin wants to want to heighten the reading experience and enhance the readers’ relationship with...see more →

Her Street Integrated ads

Her Street - We honor the women

Countless Black women have been victims of police violence and the only way to remember their names...see more →

Google + HMCT "Play The Protest"
Google + HMCT Print ads

Google + HMCT "Play The Protest"

Short rationale: This project was created as a D&ad New Blood entry Rock and roll has been at...see more →

Connect for Climate Online ads

Connect for Climate "Humanity's Horoscope"

Short rationale: This project was created as a D&ad New Blood entry Sustainability touches...see more →

Bethany Adoption Services "Raised Right"
Bethany Adoption Services Print ads

Bethany Adoption Services "Raised Right"

Couples who aren’t able to conceive often go for IVF or surrogacy instead of opting for adoption....see more →

Galil Mountain Winery TV / Film ads

Galil Mountain Winery "Drop of Goodness" by Leo Burnett Israel

The Jewish New Year is literally around the corner – merely weeks away and like all holidays tables...see more →

Platinum Guild of India "Celebrate Heartbreak"
Platinum Guild of India Print ads

Platinum Guild of India "Celebrate Heartbreak"

Since time immemorial, jewellery has been associated with all the joyous moments in life. But, it...see more →

The New York Times TV / Film ads

The New York Times "Alexa Reads The News"

While journalism is plagued with various issues, there is one which is often ignored. Our inability...see more →

Adidas TV / Film ads

Adidas "Adidas 50/50" idols, inspirations, and stars

According to a study, over 40% of girls quit sports during their teenage years. Although this...see more →

Gold's Gym "Gym It Yourself"
Gold's Gym Print ads

Gold's Gym "Gym It Yourself"

The pandemic has already taken away so many things from us, especially our freedom. The freedom to...see more →

Desi Belle
Desi Belle Print ads

Desi Belle "Break boundaries. Be free"

This print advertising campaign was designed to depict the bohemian, free-spirited women of today....see more →

Nestle Nutrition Cart is Teaching kids to eat healthy
Nestle Print ads

Nestle Nutrition Cart is Teaching kids to eat healthy

Facts Obesity in the Middle East is twice the global rate. Insight...see more →

Nissan TV / Film ads

Nissan introduced its new logo

Nissan introduced its new logo with the launch of its new electric car, Nissan...see more →

Huawei "Sports Notes"
Huawei Print ads

Huawei "Sports Notes" Add sports into the music

Add sports into the music Huawei gadgets are perfect tools to combine sports with music....see more →

UN World Food Programme Online ads

UN World Food Programme "Foodie"

Synopsis: A third of food is wasted around the world and yet, millions of people...see more →

Lay's "The Lay's Ending"
Lay's Print ads

Lay's "The Lay's Ending"

While Lay’s still commands the highest market share in the potato chips market, the brand doesn’t...see more →

IRCTC "One destination, countless journeys."
IRCTC Ambient ads

IRCTC "One destination, countless journeys."

Train journeys are seen as outdated in India and hence, people don't prefer to travel by them. But...see more →

Sea You Tomorrow "Masks Alive" by Columbus Agency Thailand
Sea You Tomorrow Print ads

Sea You Tomorrow "Masks Alive" by Columbus Agency Thailand

The masks and mouth-nose covers are currently protecting people in public life and the risk groups...see more →

Jeep ads
Jeep Print ads

Jeep "Explore The Great Indoors" by Memac Ogilvy

Print/Social Advertisement created by Memac Ogilvy, Dubai explaining how Jeepers should now...see more →

+PEACE ads
+PEACE Integrated ads

+PEACE "The Leaders of Tomorrow"

Leaders of Today are making decisions for the future without being in touch with reality and...see more →

Spotify "Trojan Jammers"
Spotify Ambient ads

Spotify "Trojan Jammers"

Americans love listening to the radio while driving. The task at hand is to make them switch to...see more →

The North Face Online ads

The North Face "Voice of Exploration"

Our beliefs are formed by what we see and hear around us, and in the great outdoors while one...see more →

MARWIN #readvscovid
MARWIN Print ads

MARWIN #readvscovid

MARWIN and SEED creative agency we launched a social challenge #readvscovid and #зачитайсяотвируса...see more →

The North Face TV / Film ads

The North Face "Change The Face Of It"

Panty Wall. Smell Of A Fat Chick. Girlfriend Skiing. Lady Wildcats. These are not just some random...see more →

Spotify Sign-In
Spotify Integrated ads

Spotify Sign-In

There are 270 million cars in the U.S and in those cars, millions of people commute for 35 minutes...see more →

The North Face "Wherever. Together."
The North Face Integrated ads

The North Face "Wherever. Together."

Advertised brand: The North Face Advert title: Wherever. Together. Advert Type: Innovation, Digital...see more →

Spotify "Spotify Match"
Spotify Ambient ads

Spotify "Spotify Match"

Advertised brand: Spotify Advert title: Spotify Match Advert Type: Innovation, Digital,...see more →

McDonald's Integrated ads

McDonald's "Iftar Sand Clock"

McDonald's in Saudi Arabia has found a way around the ban on food and drink advertising during...see more →

American Express present: HOME COUTURE
American Express Integrated ads

American Express present HOME COUTURE

American Express present: HOME COUTURE American Express x TimeOut Israel let its...see more →

Lincoln TV / Film ads

Lincoln Motors "Life. Mastered."

Advertised brand: Lincoln Motors Advert title(s): Life. Mastered....see more →

Mazda TV / Film ads


Mazda x Spotify set you up for some badly needed peace and quiet and uplifting...see more →

Rabitabank "Make your payments non-cash"
Rabitabank Online ads

Rabitabank "Make your payments non-cash"

We know that money changes hands frequently and can pick up all sorts of bacteria and viruses and...see more →

GQ Limited Distance Edition
GQ Apparel Ambient ads

GQ Limited Distance Edition: A collection to fight COVID-19 by Rabbit Digital Group

GQ Limited Distance Edition: A collection to fight COVID-19 with more accurate...see more →

Ford Online ads


To commemorate the 10 millionths Ford Mustang made, leading up to Mustang’s 55th anniversary (April...see more →

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