Audi Approved :plus: How Romance Turned Beethoven into a Car Expert

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If you're looking for a used car that meets your high quality and performance standards, check out Audi Approved :plus. This is the label that Audi gives to its certified pre-owned vehicles that have undergone a rigorous 110-point check, been updated with original parts, and come with a 24-month warranty and roadside assistance.

To promote this service, Audi's agency Romance has created a clever and original campaign that plays with the idea of perfection in every detail. The campaign features some of Audi's iconic models, such as the Audi Q5, the Audi e-tron, and the Audi A4, and showcases their benefits in a visually stunning way.

But what makes this campaign stand out is the use of music. Romance has chosen to use Beethoven's 9th Symphony as the soundtrack for the film, but with a twist. The famous melody is distorted and incomplete at first, just like a used car that needs to be fixed by an expert. As the Audi technician performs the checks on the car, the music gradually becomes clearer and more harmonious until it reaches its full glory at the end.

This creative idea reflects Audi's philosophy of striving for perfection in every detail and also conveys a sense of emotion and satisfaction to the audience. The campaign also breaks away from the conventions of the automotive sector, which usually rely on rational arguments and technical specifications.

Romance has created a memorable and engaging campaign highlighting Audi Approved :plus as a reliable and premium service for used car buyers. By using Beethoven's 9th Symphony as a metaphor for Audi's expertise, Romance has shown that even a classic piece of music can be turned into a car expert.

Ad agency: Romance
CEO : Christophe Lichtenstein
Executive Creative Director : Alexandre Hervé
Creative Director: Nicolas Smidt
Copywriter: Méline Deregnaucourt
Art Director : Léo Tartrais
TV Prod : Emilie Talpaert
Deputy Managing Director : Sébastien de Milleville
Business Director: Sarah Holgado
Strategic planner: Jules de Gaulmyn
Account executives: Camille Brauer, Charlotte Levesque

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