Canidae Pet Food "A World of Goodness for Pets and our Planet"

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Video advertising:

Global creative studio LOBO and creative agency HUGE make food fun for dogs (and a delight for dog-loving commercial watchers) in the broadcast and digital Canidae dog food campaign "A World of Goodness for Pets and our Planet". 

Traversing a world of goodness crafted by LOBO, the feature pug delights in its personal wonderland with the revamped dog food, complete with all the larger-than-(dog)-life turf, slippers and bones it can behold. The spot follows Canidae’s core messaging initiative: the company has committed to the idea that a pet food company should deliver goodness to pets, people, and the planet.


Client: Canidae Pet Food

Agency: HUGE

Agency Producer: Arielle Solc

Agency Creative Director: Meg Douglas

Animation Company: LOBO

Director: Mateus de Paula Santos, João Tenório

Executive Producer: Luis Ribeiro

1st AD: Ryan Dearth

Director of Photography: Erin ColleI

Line Producer: Paul Amorese

Head of Production: Clara Morelli

Producer: Aron Aguiar

Post-Production Producer: Tatiana Caparelli

Editor: Kaue Kabrera, Beto Araujo 

CG Supervisor: Olavo Chagas

Art Director: Renato Klieger

CG Effects: Ale Barbosa, Camilo Freitas, Sergio Filho, Olavo Chagas

Modeling: Renato Klieger, Marcel Tsuruda, Ozani Ferreira, Marcos Smirkoff, Olavo Chagas

Rigging Supervisor: Felipe Gimenes

Rigging: Flavio Castello

Animation Supervisor: Helio Tak

Animation: Raphael Silva

Texture: Ale Barbosa, Camilo Freitas, Thiago Pereto, Lucas Cavaler, Ozani Ferreira, Olavo Chagas

Lighting & Render:  Thiago Pereto, Lucas Cavaler

Color Grading: Leticia Blanco

Head of Compositing: Leandro Pena

Compositing: Leo da Silva

MaIe Paint: Ricardo Riamondi, Rudi Gude

Rotoscopy: Marcello Amigão, Rodrigo Vec

Stills Composition: Julio Saez

Music: Duotone

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