Cartier at the Watches & Wonders salon

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At Cartier, time is not just something to be measured but also something to be cherished, something to make the most of - how it is filled and portrayed. This idea is the driving force for all of Maison's study on time, from its formal representation to individual perception and experience of time's quality.

To continue fulfilling this goal, Publicis Luxe, in cooperation with enthusiastic craftsmen, produced and developed a set of 37 windows (static and animated) that serve as live displays for the House of Cartier's new goods during Watches & Wonders, the world's largest watch exhibition.

Additionally, an ambitious video was developed fully in 3D to exhibit the collections in their entirety, which was presented on a 360° screen at the Geneva event.

To complement the real experience in Geneva, a variety of graphics and iconography were created and then transferred to the brand's Instagram account.

Finally, a website was established to collaborate with Razorfish France for everyone to enjoy the event. The website provides an immersive experience with animations and interactive 3D information. This 360° experience allows visitors to explore the collection's timepieces in more detail, from Cartier's renowned precious gem watches to its most recent creations.


Senior Vice President Chief Marketing Officer: Arnaud Carrez 

International Creative Communications Director : Emmanuelle Guillon 

Creative Corporate Content Director : Elodie Hubsch-Thiele 

Creative Corporate Content Group Manager : Hélène Duval 

Creative Corporate Senior Project Manager : Mathilde Reboul 

Digital Brand Identity Director : Nicolas Guiramand 

Senior Digital Identity Manager : Maxime Chevalier  

Senior Digital Identity Producer : Giada Lecoq 


Creative Director Publicis Luxe: Antoine Bonodot 

Window displays - Publicis Luxe: Adrien Cussonneau, Jérémy Givord,  

Film - Publicis Luxe: Antoine Bonn, Alexandre Jean-Marie, Jérémy Givord 

Iconography and press visuals - Publicis Luxe: Anneliese Boyaval, Gaël Cornet, Erevan Joseph, Hélène Kerbiquet, Marion Maggiorani 

Art direction and UX site: Anneliese Boyaval, Jérémy Givord 

Sales management - Publicis Luxe: Amandine Ribeiro  

Commercial follow-up - Publicis Luxe: Iris Decoux, Clement Ozout, Anne-Charlotte Delaisement, Laurence Levy  

Technical supervision - Razorfish: Brice D'Annoville, Lucas Haladjan, Antonin Riviere, Franck Youdine 

Delivery, Razorfish : Matteo Carcassola, Mareva Jeandel, Julie Konikowski