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Miguel Giannini ads
Miguel Giannini Print ads

Miguel Giannini Glasses: the best part of your cv is your photo

Product: Miguel Giannini Glasses Advertising Agency: Publicis, Sao Paulo, Brazil Creative Director...see more →

Sanofi Targifor ad
Sanofi Print ads

Sanofi Targifor: More disposition for your daily life

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Brazil Creative Director: Hugo Rodrigues, Kevin Zung / Copywriter:...see more →

Anador print
Anador Print ads

Anador: No room for headaches

No room for headaches Advertising Agency: Borghi/Lowe, Sao Paulo, Brazil Executive Creative...see more →

Discovery Channel print
Discovery Channel Print ads

Discovery Channel: One more piece of information

One more piece of information and you may change your mind. Advertising Agency: Publicis Salles...see more →

Tobias Music Festival ads
Tobias Music Festival Print ads

Tobias Music Festival: Our children’s voice used in the right way

Tobias Music Festival. Our children’s voice used in the right way. Advertising Agency: Alucine...see more →

Chez Bonbon print ads
Chez Bonbon Print ads

Chez Bonbon: A secret for a chocolate.

A secret for a chocolate. Client: Chez Bonbon Advertising Agency: Heads Propaganda, Brazil...see more →

MASP ads
MASP Print ads

MASP: A painting is just one frame of the story

Client: MASP - Museu de Arte de São Paulo Advertising Agency: DDB, Brazil Executive Creative...see more →

SulAmerica ads
SulAmerica Print ads

SulAmerica: Music has a new stage

Music has a new stage Advertising Agency: Artplan, São Paulo, Brazil Executive Creative Director:...see more →

Gold's Gym ads
Gold's Gym Direct Marketing ads

Gold's Gym: Healthy Note

Client: Gold's Gym Advertising School: Miami Ad School, São Paulo, Brazil Creative Director: Paulo...see more →

Fiat Ambient ads

Fiat: Was seen from its best angle: ALL OF THEM.

Big Brother Brasil has one of the five highest TV audience ratings in the country, a reality show...see more →

Getty Images TV / Film ads

Getty Images: 85 seconds

Getty Images touches people in a new campaign created by AlmapBBDO. It gives continuity to the...see more →

Arno ads
Arno Print ads

Arno: The perfect mix

Arno. The perfect mix no matter the ingredients.New Arno. Mixer Deluxe Advertising Agency:...see more →

3M ads
3M Print ads

3M: Surround Sound Headphones

Advertising Agency: Grey 141, São Paulo, Brazil Creative Directors: Pedro Cappeletti, Daniel Perez...see more →

Red Cross ads
Red Cross Print ads

Red Cross: Sergio de Almeida and Mariana Siqueira

"This is how Sergio de Almeida congratulated us. This is how Mariana Siqueira congratulated us."...see more →

Pepsodent print ads
Pepsodent Print ads

Pepsodent: Reaches impossible places

Reaches impossible places. Advertising Agency: Borghi/Lowe, Brazil Global Creative Director:...see more →

University Cruzeiro Do Sul ads
University Cruzeiro Do Sul Print ads

University Cruzeiro Do Sul: We have all information you need

We have all information you need. Advertising Agency: Draftfcb, Sao Paulo, Brazil Creative...see more →

Land Rover print ads
Land Rover Print ads

Land Rover: Luxury and intelligence finally together

Luxury and intelligence finally together Advertising Agency: Bora Comunicação, Natal, Brazil...see more →

GQ ads
GQ Print ads

GQ teaching style to men

"If you're that wrestler, just don't. / If you're that MC, just don't. / If you're that rapper,...see more →

Red Cross TV / Film ads

Brazilian Red Cross: Artists Crowdsourcing

Advertising Agency: Ageisobar, São Paulo, Brazil Creative Director: Carlos Domingos / Art Director...see more →

Shell Direct Marketing ads


Advertising Agency: The Marketing Store, Sao Paulo, Brazil Creative Directors: Alexandre SIlva,...see more →

Brazilian Symphony Orchestra Online ads

Brazilian Symphony Orchestra: Behind The Classics

Most of the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra's (OSB) audience is older than 65 years. To ensure its...see more →

Oral-B ads
Oral-B Print ads

Oral-B: Don't let it escape

Don't let it escape. Client: Oral-B Advertising Agency: Publicis, Brazil Creative Directors: Hugo...see more →

CSI ads
CSI Print ads

CSI: Let the clues show you the way

Let the clues show you the way. Client: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Advertising Agency:...see more →

Vichy Catalán ads
Vichy Catalán Print ads

Vichy Catalán: The new wave of soft drinks

 The new wave of soft drinks. Product: Vichy Catalán Advertising Agency: TBWA, Barcelona, Spain...see more →

Pet Center Marginal ads
Pet Center Marginal Print ads

Pet Center Marginal: Because you always forgive

Because you always forgive. Client: Pet Center Marginal Advertising Agency: Publicis, Brazil...see more →

Oral-B ads
Oral-B Print ads

Oral-B: Find the salad in your mouth

Client: Oral-B Advertising Agency: Publicis, Brazil Creative Director: Hugo Rodrigues / Creative...see more →

Submarino ads
Submarino Outdoor ads

Submarino: Would you like to hear a story?

Would you like to hear a story?Audiobooks available at Submarino Client: Advertising...see more →

Unicef ads
UNICEF Print ads

Unicef: Every child has the right to play

Let's turn tables.Every child has the right to play. Client: UNICEF Advertising Agency: Ogilvy...see more →

Antarctica Beer Ambient ads

Antarctica Beer: The Beer Turnstile

During the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, the high consumption of alcoholic drinks is the main...see more →

BlackCard Magazine ads
BlackCard Magazine Print ads

BlackCard Magazine: The Revoluxury

The Revoluxury Client: BlackCard Magazine Advertising Agency: dim&canzian, São Paulo, Brazil...see more →

91 Rock Online ads

91 Rock Clock

91 Rock presents: 91 Rock Clock. An alarm clock that wakes you up like a true rocker. Advertising...see more →

Peugeot Print ads

Peugeot 208: Wacky Races

Client: Peugeot / Product: Peugeot 208 / Title: Wacky Races Agency: Y&R São Paulo Chief...see more →

VillaLobos Ambient ads

VillaLobos: The Empty Shop

For the annual clothing drive, a new way of collecting donations. Bring clothes to the shop instead...see more →

Dinisa print ads
Dinisa Print ads

Dinisa: No text is worth the risk

"No text is worth the risk. Don't text and drive." Advertising Agency: PS10, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil...see more →

VH1 ads
VH1 Print ads

VH1: We've just improved it

Gastronomy has always been part of the music world. We've just improved it. Fashion has always been...see more →

Rely Trucks print ads
Rely Trucks Print ads

Rely Trucks: High power delivered

Small truck. Big power. / Powerful engine. Fast delivery. / High power delivered. Advertising...see more →

Mitsubishi print ads
Mitsubishi Print ads

Mitsubishi: L200 Triton Savana

Advertising Agency: 9mm Propaganda, Florianópolis, Brazil Creative Director: Alexandre Guedes / Art...see more →

MTV TV / Film ads

MTV: Male Mermaid, Jumping Jacks and Tennis Player

Client: MTV Advertising Agency: Loducca, Brazil Creative Directors: Guga Ketzer, Cássio Moron,...see more →

Lider Interiores print ads
Lider Interiores Print ads

Lider Interiores: Approved by the father

Advertising Agency: Lápis Raro, Belo Horizonte, Brazil Creative Directors: Carla Madeira, Cristina...see more →

Getty Images ads
Getty Images Print ads

Getty Images: photos of Muhammad Ali

We have 7,267 photos of Muhammad Ali.Please, stop using this one.Getty Images Advertising Agency:...see more →