Advertisements from: Canada

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Interac outdoor ads
Interac Print ads

Interac: Kiss credit fees goodbye

"Don't get burned by credit fees. Kiss credit fees goodbye. Don't let debt snowball." Advertising...see more →

Skittles TV / Film ads

Skittles Documentary: STRUCK by a RAINBOW

STRUCK by a RAINBOW is a real, made up documentary extravaganza that dives into...see more →

MINI Knightsbridge
Mini Print ads

MINI Knightsbridge: a top speed of 205 km/h

The Knightsbridge comes standard with a panoramic glass sunroof, a top speed of...see more →

Farnham Ale & Lager
Farnham Ale & Lager Print ads

Farnham Ale & Lager: A bit bitter

Advertising Agency: Lg2, Quebec City, Canada Creative Director: Luc Du Sault / Art Directors: ...see more →

Splashdown Park Ambient ads

Splashdown Park stashes free tickets around Vancouver

You can’t just have free tickets to a water park. You have to earn them. #GetWetForFree Advertising...see more →

Sony TV / Film ads

Sonos: ready for the Hi-Res sound experience

How to prepare for the Hi-Res audio experience. Learn more at Advertising...see more →

Hubba Bubba TV / Film ads

Hubba Bubba Splash - Choose to chew!

Choose to chew! Advertising Agency - Leo Burnett Toronto Animation Director - Chuck Gammage Client...see more →

Testicular Cancer Canada TV / Film ads

What is hairy, fragile and requires excellent care?

What is hairy, fragile and requires excellent care? Clients: Testicular Cancer Canada – Alexandre...see more →

Sears TV / Film ads

Sears: MyBrotherWorksAtSears

His brother works here! Who do you know that works at Sears Canada? Production Company: Hungry Man...see more →

Jaguar ads
Jaguar Print ads

Jaguar: Devour the road. The 550hp F-TYPE R Coupe.

Devour the road. The 550hp F-TYPE R Coupe. Advertising Agency: Y&R Toronto, Canada Executive...see more →

Kroger Print ads

Kroger: One of then isn't welcome at Kroger

One of then isn't welcome at Kroger. Guess which one. Advertising Agency: Grey, Toronto, Canada...see more →

Kroger Radio ads

Kroger: Scooter & Poodle

Advertising Agency: Grey, Toronto, Canada Chief Creative Officer:Patrick Scissons / Copywriters:...see more →

Raising The Roof
Raising The Roof Outdoor ads

Raising The Roof: Homelessness can happen to anyone

Homelessness can happen to anyone. Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Toronto, Canada Chief Creative...see more →

Nissan TV / Film ads

Nissan Versa Note with the Around View Monitor

What would you do if you found yourself surrounded by an army of toys thirsty for revenge? Luckily...see more →

GMC Ambient ads

GMC's sponsorship of the Calgary Stampede

In 2014, GMC Canada's 28-year sponsorship of the Calgary Stampede needed a seriously kick in the...see more →

Jaguar Print ads

Jaguar: British luxury has a new icon

The 2014 F-Type. British luxury has a new icon. Advertising Agency: Y&R, Toronto,...see more →

MasterCard Ambient ads

MasterCard: a truly Priceless Surprise

We asked Canadian cardholders what their priceless moment with Justin Timberlake would be. Jenelle...see more →

SAAQ TV / Film ads

Societe de l'assurance automobile du Quebec - Cable

Client: Societe de l'assurance automobile du Quebec Advertising Agency: Lg2, Quebec City, Canada...see more →

TD Bank Ambient ads

TD Bank: A thank you can change someone's day

TD turns ATMs into Automated Thanking Machines to create some very special moments for customers...see more →

IKEA outdoor ads
IKEA Outdoor ads

IKEA: Boy meets girl

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Toronto, Canada Chief Creative Officer:Judy John...see more →

Netflix TV / Film ads

Netflix: Proposal, Test Results, Airport

Advertising Agency: DDB Canada, Vancouver, Canada Executive Creative Directors: Dean Lee, Cosmo...see more →

Netflix ads
Netflix Outdoor ads

Netflix: You gotta get it to get it.

You gotta get it to get it. Advertising Agency: DDB Canada, Vancouver, Canada Executive Creative...see more →

Maynards Linkz
Maynards Print ads

Maynards: Linkz Hipster

Advertising Agency: The Hive, Toronto, Canada Creative Director: Simon Creet / ...see more →

Ford Escape print ads
Ford Print ads

Ford Escape: Foot-activated liftgate

Advertising Agency:Y&R, Toronto, Canada Chief Creative Officer:Israel Diaz / Creative Director:...see more →

MINI ads
Mini Print ads

Mini: Suddenly, everything else seems old.

Suddenly, everything else seems old. Advertising Agency: Anomaly, Toronto, Canada...see more →

Target ads
Target Outdoor ads

Target: Fit for a Kingsway

"Fit for a Kingsway. Target is open at Kingsway & 109th St. Head for the Hillside. Target is...see more →

KFC TV / Film ads

KFC: Canada's Best Tasting

Advertising Agency: Grip Ltd., Toronto, Canada Agency Producer: Katherina Villa / Senior...see more →

Amnesty International
Amnesty International Print ads

Amnesty International: silence

Advertising Agency:Cossette, Montreal, Canada Creative Director:Antoine Bécotte / ...see more →

Salvation Army TV / Film ads

Salvation Army: Shelter+Clothing+Food

Take a look at our new tv spot which is being used as part of The Salvation Army Canada's...see more →

Duracell TV / Film ads

Duracell: surprise bus shelter

In this winter of ice storms and a polar vortex, moments of warmth are few and far between. We...see more →

Honda ad
Honda Print ads

Honda: Feel protected

Feel protected in the 2014 Honda Odyssey. Advertising Agency: Grip Ltd., Toronto, Canada Creative...see more →

Proud FM
Proud FM Print ads

Proud FM: All gay. All the time

All gay. All the time. Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Toronto, Canada Executive...see more →

Canada's Next Top Ad Exec
CNTAE Outdoor ads

CNTAE: Our Judges look Foward to Your work

Advertising Agency: MacLaren McCann, Canada Executive Creative Directors: Sean Davison, Mike...see more →

Smart print ads
Smart Print ads

Smart: Perfect for two.

Perfect for two. Advertising Agency: BBDO, Toronto, Canada Executive Creative...see more →

Greenpeace Print ads

Greenpeace: the forest can't defend itself

the forest can't defend itself Advertising Agency: Rethink, Vancouver, Canada...see more →

Oreo TV / Film ads

OREO Canada Wonderfilled Skier 2014

Wonder if you gave an Oreo to yourself from 7 years ago... would you tell yourself how all your...see more →

Dodge print ads
Dodge Print ads

Dodge: Dodge Dart Ultrasonic Park-Sense® Rear Park Assist System.

Dodge Dart Ultrasonic Park-Sense® Rear Park Assist System. Advertising Agency: Publicis...see more →

Sears Optical
Sears Print ads

Sears Optical: Kids

Advertising Agency: Lg2, Quebec, Canada Creative Director: Luc Du Sault / Art Directors: Vincent...see more →

Toronto Crime Stoppers
Toronto Crime Stoppers Direct Marketing ads

Toronto Crime Stoppers: organized retail theft

Brief: Retail theft is an issue that’s not on Canadian minds. To the general population,...see more →

Pet Trust Online ads

Pet Trust: We Could Be Heroes

A funny music video featuring singing dogs and a smart cat. Help to fight pet cancer and donate at...see more →