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Association Prévention Routière "only focus on the road"
Association Prevention Routiere Print ads

Association Prevention Routiere "only focus on the road"

only focus on the road Client: Association Prévention Routière Advertising Agency...see more →

Abbe Pierre Foundation TV / Film ads

Abbe Pierre Foundation "Ensemble"

It’s within a particular context that the Abbé Pierre Foundation, a French charity...see more →

Jules TV / Film ads

Jules "Air in progress"

In 2018, Air won the budget of the French menswear brand, Jules (Mulliez Group), after a...see more →

KFC "Movember at KFC"
KFC Outdoor ads

KFC "Movember at KFC"

Movember at KFC Movember, the month formerly known as 'November', is a moustache-...see more →

AIGLE "Fashion to Love Longer"
AIGLE TV / Film ads

AIGLE "Fashion to Love Longer"

Fashion to Love Longer The moving promise from AIGLE and ROSAPARK Jumping...see more →

Audi TV / Film ads

Audi "Age is just a number"

In this difficult period, used cars have never been so popular in France. 76% of car intenders...see more →

Honda TV / Film ads

Honda "This is Not a Prototype"

This is not a prototype. This is a revolution. Meet the all-new Honda e After...see more →

Designer Parfums TV / Film ads

Designer Parfums "Playboy Make the Cover"

For decades, Playboy has been one of the world’s most recognized magazines; now together with...see more →

Intermarché TV / Film ads

Intermarché "Les Questions"

Léon is 6 years old. And 6 is the age of questions. His parents’ day is therefore punctuated by the...see more →

Hermès TV / Film ads

Hermès "Objects for Interior Life"

Six years after it was founded, Birth, has consolidated its vision and approach as a leading...see more →

Martin-Pouret ads
Martin-Pouret Integrated ads

Sid Lee Paris Revives Branding French Master Vinegar Maker Martin-Pouret

Sid Lee Paris’s Revives Branding for French Master Vinegar Maker Martin-Pouret In...see more →

Honda TV / Film ads

Honda Motor Europe "The Hybrid You Can Feel"

In keeping with its pledge to produce a 100% electrified range by 2022, Honda is...see more →

OUIGO TV / Film ads

OUIGO "Traffic Jam" by Rosapark

Seven years after it started operating, France’s low-cost train service TGV OUIGO offers the...see more →

Citroen TV / Film ads

Citroen "Happy Day"

Throughout this year, Citroën plans to present the new Citroën C4, an update of one of its classic...see more →

SKODA FRANCE outdoor ads
Skoda Outdoor ads

Skoda "Sleep Package" by Rosapark

ŠKODA HAS SWEET DREAMS WITH ROSAPARK  For the past 3 years, ŠKODA and Rosapark...see more →

KFC France "Unalike" a new guerilla campaign
KFC Outdoor ads

KFC France "Unalike" a new guerilla campaign

Unlike certain fast food chains' nuggets, KFC's chicken tenders are cooked with real chicken filets...see more →

Honda TV / Film ads

Honda "Be Moved Again" by Sid Lee

Honda invites the European public to feel again sensations that were lost after months of...see more →

Starwax "As obsessive as you" by Buzzman
Starwax Print ads

Starwax "As obsessive as you" by Buzzman

The Starwax campaign will be present in the press and on social media and includes the company's...see more →

Life Always Triumphs
Unknown Outdoor ads

"Life Always Triumphs" pro-bono campaign from Paris agency Bel-Ami

Moments suspended in time First deployed in the streets of Paris’s 5th...see more →

Honda TV / Film ads

Honda Moto "Ride your dreams"

In this new campaign signed by DDB Paris, Honda exposes the life and journey of a...see more →

Volkswagen TV / Film ads

Volkswagen "Here" by DDB Paris, France

Volkswagen offers an ode to « here » in a new series of films from DDB Paris. In...see more →

Honda ads
Honda Print ads

Honda Moto France "Oh look! An Africa Twin"

Honda Moto France and DDB Paris agency unveiled the latest adventurous advertising campaign. Oh...see more →

Dove TV / Film ads

Dove #MyHairMyWay - All New Hairstyles

The quarantine was not only a heavy period. For some, the weeks spent at home were an opportunity...see more →

Intermarché TV / Film ads

Intermarché "I want to be with you"

For the past 2 months, French grocery chain Intermarché has, like others throughout the world, been...see more →

PSG TV / Film ads

Yard releases "Le Jardin" - Paris Saint-Germain's U19 Players

Yard Releases ‘Le Jardin’, Documentary Exploring the Training, Pressure, and Struggles that...see more →

Ciments Calcia
Ciments Calcia Print ads

Ciments Calcia "Give character to your works"

Advertising Agency: Epoka, Paris, France Give character to your works Creative Director: Laurent...see more →

World Vision: "We Won't Stay Home" by Steve
World Vision Print ads

World Vision: "We Won't Stay Home" by Steve

Advertising Agency: Steve, Paris, France Executive Creative Director: Guillaume...see more →

Orange TV / Film ads

Orange #OnResteEnsemble (WeStayTogether) operation

Orange launches #OnResteEnsemble (WeStayTogether) operation to allow seniors in France to...see more →

Burger King "Le Whopper de la Quarantaine" by Buzzman advertising
Burger King Outdoor ads

Burger King "Le Whopper de la Quarantaine" by Buzzman

While restaurants have been closed, Burger King is increasing the number of campaigns to encourage...see more →

Cacharel Print ads

Cacharel Fragrances "Yes I Am The Fragrance Collection"

Cacharel Fragrances and Publicis Luxe have joined forces to...see more →

Adidas TV / Film ads

Adidas & Foot Locker "Cities Made To Create"

84.Paris launches "Cities Made To Create" to promote CHILE 20, the exclusive...see more →

Sephora TV / Film ads

Sephora "#TheUnlimitedPowerOfBeauty"

French beauty chain Sephora has launched a new campaign under the headline "The...see more →

Transavia Airlines ads
Transavia Airlines Print ads

Transavia Airlines "Christmas after Christmas"

It's Christmas after Christmas. In January, Transavia Airlines' tickets are at very low prices....see more →

KFC TV / Film ads

KFC Kentucky Burger "Colonel Sanders is the Most Wanted Man in Kentucky"

Colonel Sanders is the Most Wanted Man in Kentucky in New Spot from Sid Lee Paris and KFC...see more →

EuroMillions TV / Film ads

EuroMillions "Quel millionaire serez-vous ?"

Following a competition pitting it against four other agencies, Parisian agency Romance...see more →

PUMA TV / Film ads

Puma "Be the Spark" by LaFourmi

Advertising Agency: LaFourmi, France "The SPARK PACK is for the...see more →

Pantone "Create Your Own World"
Pantone Print ads

Pantone "Create Your Own World" by TBWA

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Paris, France Account managers: Marcie Foster, Deepali Agarwal Agency...see more →

World Vision "When water is 6 km walk away"
World Vision Outdoor ads

World Vision "When water is 6 km walk away"

Every day, thousands of children have to walk to get water miles away from home, which prevents...see more →

Dagoma TV / Film ads

Dagoma ", the toy repair platform!"

Every year, more than 40 million toys are thrown in France. They can't be fixed: spare parts do not...see more →

Skoda TV / Film ads

Skoda "Will & Chuck"


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