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Entourage advertisement
Entourage Print ads

Entourage "Give a helping hand with our app."

Give a helping hand with our app. The number of homeless people in France as dramatically...see more →

Puy du Fou Print ads

Puy du Fou "L'HISTOIRE N'ATTEND QUE VOUS" by Les Gros Mots

L'HISTOIRE N'ATTEND QUE VOUS / HISTORY IS WAITING FOR YOU Agency: Les Gros Mots Client: Puy du Fou...see more →

SKYN TV & Film ads

SKYN "arise" by Sid Lee

SKYN®, the premium condom and lubricant brand of LifeStyles Healthcare LLC., is embracing a new era...see more →

E. Leclerc TV & Film ads

E. Leclerc "Defending all that counts for you" by BETC

Since its foundation E. Leclerc has aimed at offering a better quality of life for all French...see more →

Securite Routiere
Securite Routiere Print ads

Securite Routiere "On the road, a telephone can kill."

Kill or get killed. Was it worth reading that text message? Or answering that call or that email?...see more →

Dunkin' Donuts "Enjoy the Original"
Dunkin' Donuts Print ads

Dunkin' Donuts "Enjoy the Original" by El Cuartel

Advertising Agency: El Cuartel, Málaga, Spain Client: Dunkin' Donuts Creative...see more →

McDonald's TV & Film ads

McDonald's - Egg McMuffin by TBWA

For the delight of breakfast lovers, Egg McMuffin will be available all day at McDonald's...see more →

Monoprix TV & Film ads

Monoprix "Where's My Sock?" by Rosapark

With just 1 day to the 1st of April we present a new campaign from French sock manufacturer,...see more →

Toyota TV & Film ads

Toyota: Yaris very French!

We wanted to recall the French origins of the Toyota Yaris and more generally the anchor of Toyota...see more →

Intersport TV & Film ads

Intersport: "Sport, the most beautiful meeting" by Marystone

Le sport, la plus belle des rencontres Advertiser -   Intersport Agency -   Marystone Creative...see more →

Banque Française Mutualiste TV & Film ads

Banque Française Mutualiste: "Your daily life, our vocation" by jwt

Votre quotidien, notre vocation Advertiser   - Banque Française Mutualiste...see more →

Intermarché TV & Film ads

Intermarche: "C'est magnifique" by Romance

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Intermarché is back with a new opus from the saga "we are...see more →

Bouygues Telecom TV & Film ads

Bouygues Telecom: "Mamita" by BETC

Bouygues Telecom won a lot of hearts over last Christmas with their awkward dad dancing to Redbone’...see more →

Travel further than you think for 15€
SNCF Print ads

SNCF: Travel further than you think for 15€

Travel further than you think for 15€ Advertising Agency: TBWA\PARIS, France see more →

Cancer@Work Online ads

Cancer@Work: "The Unstoppable CV" by FamousGrey

Activity Area - Health Advertiser - Cancer@Work Agency - FamousGrey Creative Director    Romain...see more →

Skoda TV & Film ads

Skoda: Doug The Dog

With the new releases of its SUVs SKODA KODIAQ, SKODA KAROQ and the 2019 additions SKODA SCALA and...see more →

Leboncoin TV & Film ads

Leboncoin: "The new holiday partner" by HAVAS PARIS

Advertiser    Leboncoin Agency      Havas Creative Director    ...see more →

Renault TV & Film ads

Renault: "Escape To Real" by Publicis

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, France Executive Creative Officer: Marcelo...see more →

Kapten TV & Film ads

Kapten: "your best decision today" by Grey

Kapten, might just be your best decision today ! Your first ride is on us with the promo code...see more →

McDonald's: McDelivery by TBWA
McDonald's Print ads

McDonald's: McDelivery by TBWA

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Paris, France Advertising Managers: Xavier Royaux, José Jacinto, Benoit...see more →

KFC TV & Film ads

KFC: Beef Bucket by Sid Lee

At the beginning of February, KFC's Colonel Sanders announced the addition of a ‘Beef Bucket’ to...see more →

Nissan TV & Film ads

Nissan: Where to Next (Intelligent Trace Control) by Publicis

To make the new Nissan Micra N-Sport appealing to people who are always on the go...see more →

IFAW Print ads

IFAW: "Attack one and you will destroy it all" by Publicis Conseil

Attack one and you will destroy it all Preserve biodiversity donate on Advertising...see more →

McDonald's: "Timeless Big Mac"
McDonald's Print ads

McDonald's: "Timeless Big Mac"by TBWA

Timeless Big Mac Client: McDonald's Advertising Agency: TBWA\PARIS, France Advertiser Managers:...see more →

Burger King
Burger King Print ads

Burger King "Only flame grilled burgers" by Buzzman

Always better with fire Only flame grilled burgers Client: BURGER KING Advertising Agency: BUZZMAN...see more →

Givenchy TV & Film ads

Givenchy "L'Interdit"

Unveiling the new L’Interdit fragrance campaign video by Todd Haynes starring Rooney Mara. The film...see more →

WWF Online ads

WWF: "#TooLatergram" by Traffik

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Paris, Paris, France Client Team: Jacques Olivier Barthes, Michael Neveu,...see more →

Yves Saint Laurent TV & Film ads

Yves Saint Laurent: "MON PARIS COUTURE" by BETC

BETC Luxe is Yves Saint Laurent Beauté’s global agency for all...see more →

Good Planet Foundation Outdoor ads

Good Planet Foundation: "GET READY FOR GLOBAL WARMING" by BETC

GET READY FOR GLOBAL WARMING   The Seine is still rising, and all eyes are on the...see more →

Quézac: "still sparkling" by Change
Quézac Print ads

Quézac: "still sparkling" by Change

Advertising Agency: Change, Paris, France Creative Director: Christophe Perruchas Art Director:...see more →

La Parole Aux Sourds TV & Film ads

La Parole Aux Sourds: "Unsilenced" by BETC

Discover Unsilenced, a unique collaboration between the French-...see more →

Lacoste TV & Film ads

Lacoste: "Save Our Species" by BETC

Advertising Agency: BETC, Paris, France Agency Management: Bertille Toledano, Fanny Buisseret,...see more →

CANAL+ Online ads

CANAL+: "CANAL Classico" by CANAL+

This year again, the Classico (Olympique de Marseille VS Paris Saint Germain) will be broadcast...see more →

Addict Aide TV & Film ads

Addict Aide: "Laurence's secret" by BETC

It’s the year of 2009, at 14 rue du Maine in Paris, in the apartment of a woman named Laurence. The...see more →

Renault TV & Film ads

Renault ZE - The Postman by Publicis Conseil, France

For this Valentine’s Day, Renault has produced its first animated movie...see more →

Chaumet Print ads

Chaumet - Grace and Character

A year ago, BETC Luxe was chosen to become the creative agency of the Parisian jeweller, Chaumet....see more →

HandsAway TV & Film ads


Advertiser - HandsAway Ad Agency - TBWA \ Paris Creative Director - Benjamin Marchal, Faustin...see more →

ING TV & Film ads

ING DIRECT - The Temple Of Crocodiles & The Infernal Planet & MAKING OF

Advertising Agency: Rosapark, Paris, France Co-founders: Jean-Patrick Chiquiar, Gilles...see more →

Burger King TV & Film ads


A convict prepares to eat his last meal. Guess what he chose? Advertising Agency...see more →

Eric Bompard - Soft Is The New Strong
Eric Bompard Print ads

Eric Bompard - Soft Is The New Strong

Soft Is The New Strong Advertising Agency: BETC, Paris, France Agency Management...see more →