Advertisements from: Puerto Rico

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Stem Flowers
Stem Flowers Print ads

Stem Flowers: "When you don't want to be there." by DDB

When you don't want to be there. Client: Stem Flowers Advertising Agency: DDB Latina, San...see more →

McDonald's: "Say no more."
McDonald's Outdoor ads

McDonald's: "Say no more." by TBWA

Say no more. Advertising Agency: TBWA, San Juan, Puerto Rico Client: ...see more →

40 years of happiness
McDonald's Print ads

McDonald's: "40 years of happiness" by TBWA

40 years of happiness. Advertising Agency: TBWA\San Juan, Puerto Rico Executive Creative Officers...see more →

Pet SOS Print ads

Pet SOS: "Help us control the exponential growth. Sterilize them." by McCann

Help us control the exponential growth. Sterilize them. Advertising Agency: McCann, Puerto Rico...see more →

Pet SOS Print ads

Pet SOS: "Sterilize. Adopt. Protect." by McCann

An unsterilized male dog and female dog can have up to 67,000 descendants in just seven years. Can...see more →

Smart print ads
Smart Print ads

Smart: buildings and elephants

Advertising Agency: The Komp, San Juan, Puerto Rico Creative Director / Art...see more →

Toyota ads
Toyota Print ads

Toyota: Without nature, there are no stories

"Without nature, there are no stories.Save them by applying for one of our environmental grants for...see more →

Amnesty International ad
Amnesty International Ambient ads

Amnesty International: What would you order for your last meal?

Advertising Agency: DDB Latina, San Juan, Puerto Rico Chief Creative Officer: Enrique Renta /...see more →

Mazda ads
Mazda Print ads

Mazda: roads and shapes

Client: Mazda Advertising Agency: Ground, Puerto Rico Art Director: Juan Cosme / Copywriter: Mandy...see more →

Subway Ambient ads

Subway: The Kid Shopping Experiment

Advertising Agency: DDB Latina, Puerto Rico Creative Directors: Enrique Renta, Manuel Bordé,...see more →

Honda ads
Honda Print ads

Honda with bluetooth handsfreelink

Now with bluetooth handsfreelink on all models. Advertising Agency: DRAFTFCB, Puerto Rico...see more →

Amnesty International ads
Amnesty International Print ads

Amnesty International’s Letter Writing Marathon ads

Amnesty International’s Letter Writing Marathon is celebrated each year during December. ...see more →

Coca-Cola ads
Coca-Cola Print ads

Coca-Cola - 125 years at the movies

125 years at the movies. Advertising Agency: DraftFCB, San Juan, Puerto...see more →

Axe print ads
Axe Print ads

Axe: Even angels will fall

Axe ExciteEven angels will fall. Advertising Agency: DDB, Latina, Puerto Rico Copywriter: Anibal...see more →

Charmin TV & Film ads

Charmin: 7 sheets of Charmin Ultra Soft

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Puerto Rico Creative Director:Víctor Cabezas / Art Directors: Fabio...see more →