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Shelter Print ads

Shelter: is this the last house?

Advertising Agency: Leagas Delaney, London, UK Creative Director: Nigel Roberts / Art Director:...see more →

Volkswagen TV / Film ads

Volkswagen: My Way

In our new ad, we see the new Golf GTI, the original performance hatchback,...see more →

Expedia TV / Film ads

Expedia: Travel Yourself Interesting

"Did you know that people in the Himalayas traditionally greet each other by sticking out their...see more →

Think! ads
Think! Print ads

Think!: Drink Drive and Face the Consequences

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, London, UK Executive Creative Director: Justin Tindall / Creative...see more →

Harvey Nichols ads
Harvey Nichols Print ads

Harvey Nichols: Try to stay calm

Harvey Nichols Sale. Try to stay calm. Advertising Agency: adam&eveDDB, London, United Kingdom...see more →

Starburst ads
Starburst Print ads

Starburst: The chews that change their flavour

Starburst Flavour Morphs. The chews that change their flavour. Advertising Agency: adam&eveDDB...see more →

Amnesty International ads
Amnesty International Print ads

Amnesty International: Fan the flame

Fan the flame. Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, London, UK Chief Creative Officer: Gerry...see more →

Boost ads
Boost Drinks Outdoor ads

Boost Energy Drinks: Boost up yourself

Advertising Agency: Big Communications, London, UK Executive Creative Director: Dylan Bogg / Art...see more →

McDonald's TV / Film ads

McDonald's: We all have McDonald's in common

Advertising Agency Leo Burnett, UK Copywriters / Art directors: Phillip Meyler, Darren Keff /...see more →

Cesar TV / Film ads

Cesar: Love Them Back with Cesar

Love Them Back with Cesar. Creative Agency: AMV BBDO, UK Copywriter: Diccon Driver / Art Director...see more →

Discovery Channel Online ads

Discovery Channel: app to explore the globe

Advertising School: CSM, London, UK Creatives: Kwan Hee Cho, Gregoire Barau see more →

NFU Mutual ads
NFU Mutual Print ads

NFU Mutual: It's about time

"As a car insurance provider, we're recommended by which? It's about time you saw why." "It's about...see more →

ESPN ads
ESPN Print ads

ESPN - The Cup of Dreams

The FA Cup is Live on ESPN - The Cup of Dreams.Brighton v Newcastle Live Today from 4.30pm. Arsenal...see more →

Premier Foods TV / Film ads

Premier Foods: Ambrosia - This is Pudding

Project name: Devon Dream Client and Job Title: Premier Foods, Devon Dream Creative agency: JWT...see more →

Thomas Cook TV / Film ads

Thomas Cook: Don't just book it...

Advertising Agency: Havas Worldwide, London, UK Executive Creative Director: Mick Mahoney / Art...see more →

Amnesty International print
Amnesty International Ambient ads

Amnesty International: Unlock the future of innocents

Unlock the future of innocents. Donate now. Art Director: Stefan Apswoude / Copywriter: Jaap...see more →

Vodafone TV / Film ads

Vodafone: Better Network Coverage - Unlimited Calls & Texts

Client: Vodafone Ireland Advertising Agency: Grey, London, UK Executive Creative Director: Nils...see more →

Renaissance Photography Prize ads
Renaissance Photography Prize Print ads

Renaissance Photography Prize: Obsession Ends

Client: Renaissance Photography Prize Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, London, UK see more →

McDonald's TV / Film ads

McDonald's: America is here

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, UK Copywriter: Ed Tillbrook / Art director: Richard Ince /...see more →

Axe TV / Film ads

Axe: "First Impressions Count"

BBH has launched a new campaign for client Axe/Lynx to launch the updated AXE hair styling range...see more →

Volkswagen print
Volkswagen Print ads

Volkswagen City Emergency Brake

Volkswagen City Emergency BrakeFor when you get distracted. Advertising Agency: adam&eveDDB,...see more →

The Fab Awards print ad
The Fab Awards Print ads

The Fab Awards: It's worth the fight

"It's worth the fight. 15th International Food and Beverage Awards 2013." Advertising Agency: WCRS...see more →

Pedigree TV / Film ads

Pedigree: Feeding Brighter Futures

For rescue dogs like Mojo, the right nutrition is the first step to a Brighter Future. This year we...see more →

PUMA Online ads

Puma Dance Dictionary

Encrypt your messages into dance moves. Top LA choreographer Super Dave works with some of the...see more →

Kuoni TV / Film ads

Kuoni: Unleash your inner rhythm

Unleash your inner rhythm and feel the music while you learn to dance the sexy Cuban salsa. Feel...see more →

Polycell TV / Film ads

Polycell: Quick Drying Polyfilla Spray

Our new Quick Drying Polyfilla Spray helps repairs hairline cracks with one quick and easy...see more →

Samaritans Ambient ads

Samaritans: 18,750 people currently volunteering

Samaritans are the confidential,non-judgmental emotional support offered by email,letter,telephone...see more →

Kia cee'd ads
Kia Print ads

Kia: The car that parks itself

You can't trust mirrors. You can trust the Kia cee'd. The car that parks itself Advertising Agency...see more →

Kia ads
Kia Print ads

Kia: Straightens corners

The new Kia pro_cee'd GT. Straightens corners. Advertising Agency: Innocean Worldwide UK Ltd,...see more →

Volkswagen TV / Film ads

Volkswagen: Think Blue

A new advert to demonstrate our fuel-saving Start/Stop technology - which automatically switches...see more →

Subaru TV / Film ads

Subaru: the smoothest diesel ride ever

Advertising Agency: Cogent Elliott, Birmingham, UK Creative Director: Richard Payne / Art Directors...see more →

Benefit Cosmetics Ambient ads

Benefit Cosmetics: Ring ring...

'Ring ring....' would YOU be tempted to answer the ringing pink telephone? Benefit Cosmetics...see more →

Cadbury TV / Film ads

Cadbury Fabulous Fingers - Honeycomb & Honeycomb

Advertiser: Cadbury Project name: Fabulous Fingers Flavours / Client: Burton’s Biscuit Company...see more →

PETA TV / Film ads

PETA: Do It Like They Do

Going vegan helps your body function better - including between the sheets. Advertising Agency:...see more →

Mobil 1 TV / Film ads

Mobil 1: virtually transform you

Imagine a world where you get to rub shoulders the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes pit crew and gain...see more →

Weetabix TV / Film ads

Weetabix: Fuel on the Go

Brand: Weetabix Morning in Reverse tells the everyday story of a busy working mum like never before...see more →

BBC print ad
BBC Print ads

BBC: Half the story

Client: BBC World News What you see only tells half the story.Every time I've been...see more →

Seat print ads
Seat Print ads

Seat: A dream on the road

A dream on the road is always a nightmare. Client: Seat Advertising Agency...see more →

St John TV / Film ads

St John: First aid can be the difference

This St John Ambulance advert follows the journey of a man diagnosed with cancer who...see more →

IKEA Online ads

IKEA: make room for your life

"Our latest advert showcases how great storage solutions can help you make room for your life."...see more →

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