DermapenWorld Launches 'Nothing Routine'

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Microneedling treatments are becoming increasingly popular, with a value of over $540 million, and the overall demand for aesthetic procedures has increased by 14%. As a result, more and more people are researching the latest and most effective skincare products to meet their needs. 

These informed consumers, known as "skintellectuals," are knowledgeable about skincare product ingredients, benefits, and science, and they are driving changes in the microneedling market. 

DermapenWorld, a leading skincare brand, has partnered with Cutwater, a creative and media agency, to launch a global, integrated campaign highlighting the most effective ways to achieve radiant, healthy skin. 

The brand platform, "Nothing Routine," promotes DermapenWorld's Synergy of Solutions, a holistic system bridging the gap between in-clinic visits and at-home care. The campaign uses stop-motion videos and sleek photos to showcase the brand's diverse and trusted product portfolio. 

This is the first significant push since the appointment of Cutwater as DermapenWorld's creative and media agency of record. Before expanding to other markets, the campaign will have a global presence, starting with the United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany. The assets will be translated and localized to support multiple languages.

Client: DermapenWorld
CEO: Stene Marshall
Cosmeceutical Director: Corri Matthews
Marketing Director: Christian Pattman
Growth Marketing Manager: Marianna Aureliano

Agency: Cutwater
Founder & Chief Creative Officer: Chuck McBride
Principal & President: Christian Hughes

Creative Director: Amy Su
Senior Art Director: Alexandra Ebright
Senior Copywriter: Taylor Smith

Executive Producer: Brooke Hopkins

Strategist: Uma Mantravadi
Social Media Marketing Manager: Ashley Feminella

Head of Media & Communications: Lizzy Ryan
Senior Media Supervisor: Holly McKinzie

Group Account Director: Courtney Griffin
Group Account Director: Matt Allen
Account Director: Grace Fiset
Project Manager: Ana Elejalde

Production / Photography: Ray Brown Productions
Photographer / Director: Sarah Silver

Still Life Photographer: Jeff Cate
GIF Editor: Becky Leung
Video Editor: Barney Miller (at Roam Editorial)
Executive Producer: Erica Tashiro Gosnell
Line Producer: Kerry Girvin
Production Manager: Jessica Thiel
1st AD: Dani Parker

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